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Should I End My Marriage
I want to mourn with you, Because I have lived with a man such as this, yet he was violent as well. But the bible doesn't allow divorce on that. Only by adultry.
My spouse was very arrogant, angry, and bitter and hostle torward me. He stoped all itamacy, touch, and communication. And if I tried to speak anything about our marriage, He became very angry, like a lion with a thorn. With all the words and violence and hate one can have. Yet I begged the Lord for years, I think the more I tried to fix our problem it got worse. So when I was about to walk out after a violent night the day before my b day. I cried out to God with all my hart and asked God to help me I give up, I cant do it. And honestly the next morning was sunday.

Should I End My Marriage
Continued2 Thenext morning was my bday He acted asif nothing was wrong, and said tome that I can ask anything and he will do whatever.Isaid Iwant togo to church. And he went to church with me. And God convicted his hart, and we went afew more times and God Bent hisknees to repent and he started reading the word we istening to Christian broadcasts onthe radio andtv. like Charles Stanly and JohnMacArthur and true bible teaching preachers.More and more myhusband is becomming the man of God. Im greatful toour Lord for. I suffered alot, no itimacy, feeling used and abuised and rejected, shamed,spit onand hated because Iwas a christian. He hated Christians. It took yearsof prayer and lettinggo of my trying tofix it and asking God toDeal with him.

Evidence Of Speaking Tongues
No, The upper room wasn't tongues of confuesion. It was languages of other nationalities.Jesus didn't speak tongues He spoke Godly True Words people never herd before a new understanding and way to them. Paul speaks and says Although I have gifts of tongues and have not loved I have nothing. I believe the tongues God speaks of is the different languages. And Jesus came with a whole differnt way of life. To which was so forein to the life that was then. Jesus came with a tongue of comanding forgiveness, and Mercy, Justice and Grace and peace and Love. My view, is the gift of the Holy spirit giving your hart the understanding of the scriptures, to speak the Trueth of Scripture, that is a forein language to all whom don't have the Holy spirit.

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