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Will America Survive
As the HOLY BIBLE says every christians will face troubles.therefore we should have faith on The GOD, HIS Son JESUS CHRIST and the Holy Spirit.

Should I Confess My Affair
May God give you the wisdom to do what is right. My husband cheated on me in 2001 and I kiss another man 4 years ago and confess to him what I had done out of revenge.I was repentive to God and ask my husband for forgiveness but he changed, he became abusive and goes out late at night to clubs. He wanted a divorce.We both came from christian families and been married for 14 years. But I do have faith our marriage will be saved be God grace and love.You will be in my prayers, May God direct you.

My Husband Hits Me
First of all I am sorry, I know what you are going through. My husband hits me when he is mad too,makes it seem it is my fault. Then I forgive him.IT IS NOT OK. Look at your bruises, The bible said a woman is like a Fragile Vase. He needs help,you need to leave until he gets it. You may love him but you arent happy.With God all things are possible.

Learn From Amish Community
The Amish believe in the after life, of enternal life. They are at peace because they have no reason to believe these girls did anything wrong, they will live eternally with the great creator. There belief is that we work every day on this Earth to make it to heaven! I second this belief, they know that there children rest in the arms of the great. The sadness is that the man that created these acts will never make it there. Bless them for embracing the family of the man.

Unconfessed Sins Unforgiven
I am not exactly sure. But When I pray and ask for forgivenes I pray specificaly for the things I know I have done wrong. Then I pray for forgiveness for any way I have not glorified him. Then I ask him to shine the light in any dark areas I might have. I hope this helped.

Dealing With A Bipolar Spouse
I am 36 and my husband is bipolar. We have 5 children and our eldest ( a 13 yr old daughter) is also bipolar. Something to keep in mind before marrying a bipolar individual is that if you do and the two of you should choose to procreate, there is a 1 in 5 chance of your child being bipolar as well as your spouse. Then the real fun begins. Just imagine your spouse in a manic stage dealing with your teen in a manic stage. You can then take up your whistle and begin your job as referee.

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