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Hate Your Father And Mother
The gospel creates a division in what it means to be powerful and authoritative -- what it means to be a loving parent versus a demanding, immature authority who must be appeased. There is a scripture that describes cruel authority. Jesus addresses those who misuse their power: "to what shall I compare this generation? They are like children in the marketplace...." In other words, those under worldly leadership must appease a cruel standard for acceptance or be rejected/abused. God isn't like that. He doesn't want clones or puppets so He doesn't set us up for failure by issuing insensitive demands and then complain because it's impossible for us to meet them. By faith, we mature to view our enemies with compassion.

Divorce For Poor Performance
Maybe she should look at herself and she what she is doing

Will A Degree Help My Career
This depends on many things. Experience verses knowledge has always been such a problem because ideally you should have both for a job. But then you end with the chicken and the egg situation without one then you cant get the other.
A degree like any other teaching situations, is mostly theory based and there is often no substitute for the real thing. So ideally get as much experience as you can while you are studying (preferably in the area of work that you want to work in). Often experience will give quyou key areas to build up your knowledge in for progression later on

ie computer networking requires knowledge of tcpip/ routing etc and loads of other related things.

Good Time To Refinance
To be honest I would be very careful if I were you. The world economy is changing at a very fast peace. And if you borrow too much against your home and cant afford to keep up the repayments then you could loose the roof over your head.

Also I would ask you why you want to refinance your are you planning an extension or something to it?? Are you trying to raise more money or are you trying to lower the cost of your repayments?

If you do decide to go for it - do you home work about it all before you sign on the doted line. Remember contracts are legally binding and really hard to break if its possible to break it all !!!!

So be warned

Above all pray about it and seek guidance from God

Does President Bush Please God
President Bush is a man of God and what he is trying to do is right by God. We as Americans should thank Jesus for such man to lead our nation no room for argument

Divorce For Poor Performance
Maybe she should look at herself and she what she is doing

What Would God Say To You
Welcome home I Love You

Does Fate Rule Our Lifes
God controls all

How Can I Stop My Affair
Your all a mess wake up and do the right thing

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