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Husband Is Controlling
You think you have it rough, listen to this. I have been married to Mr. Wonderful for 4 years. He buys food for us to eat from one meal to the next. He buys the groceries. i figure he goes to the store at least 90 times a month to get our meal. I cook what he brings home. That is just the tip of the iceburg. Image this mess.

Can Women Remarry
You will not find any such scripture because what we call adultery today is not what the Bible called adultery. In the Bible adultery occurred only when a married woman was involved. Also, in the Bible, adultery was not grounds for divorce as we mistakenly say, fornication or lying about ones virginity was. In those days, adultery was not purnished by divorce but death by stoning. Today, we have made our own laws because we don't live under a theocracy.

Sin To Marry Divorced Person
What do we really mean when we say "a marriage was not in the Lord" and use that as a biblical ground for divorce? Every marriage Christian or not between a man and woman is bound by the Lord otherwise all marriages before Jesus Christ and outside of Christ are not real marriages and could be broken at anytime. For we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ. Romans 14:10

Many say 1 Cor.7:15 gives permission to the believer to re-marry. I will want to believe that but I see no permission in the passage to interprete it definitively as such. The believer is not in bondage means the believer is not held accountable for the break up and should not put up a fight to against it. "God has called us to peace".

Remarrying After A Divorce
All Christians bible oriented or not must follow the commands and teachings of the bible or the are not followers of Christ.

Lee, What's your understanding of Romans 7:1 and 1Cor. 7:10-11 apart from what Christ said in Matthew 19:9

If we cannot respect the teachings or instructions of Christ, whose followers are we?

A repentant Christian is a Christian who stops a particular sin and begins to live right before the Lord.
One cannot be repentant while keeping the stollen property. The above passages say any man who marries a divorced woman is committing adultery as long as he has the woman, unless the husband is dead. In God's eyes, there are no ex-husbands. God knows no divorce.

Newest Humor Blog
Somebody tell me another story before I go to sleep. I really like your stories of your life experiences. Those nuns and nurses sound really scarey! Did anyone ever see the flying nun on tv. Are nuns really like that?

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