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Remarrying After A Divorce
Everybody says that divorce is a sin ??

Divorce is not a sin ( in it self )

The sin is the hardness of heart that is the sin, I am divorcing my husband, we have been together for 13 years, and it has been hell from day 1, he has never been faithfull and has maintained a very serious love affiar the whole time, he is ungodly, to the point of being evil, physically abusive to both me and our children, my children hate him and they hate the idea of marriage because of what they have seen, my children are strong belivers. i love my husband as a person, and i have been faithful to the cause of staying married,but jesus came to set us free, in fact he died that we should live in peace.
i proberbly could stay and enjure more shame

Has The Holy Spirit Left Me
I think the Holy Spirit left me. Please someone help me.

How to Clear My Good Name
dont even rise to it or justify it , if you are innocent, then god knows you are not the one spreading bad news, he is wrong especially as a pastor, be strong, jesus went through the same well a much more and never defended himself not once, he died a horrible death with very few people knowing he was telling the truth think about that .

Am I Bound To My Husband
it is true it is not the unforgivable sin, not being bound by your spouse, means you are under no obligation, an longer ie . if he /she has walked out, seperated from you obviously submission one to another, but you should reamin un married unless the other departs in death if you do marry you will have a lot of trouble in the flesh, as marriage is a covenant,

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