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Married With No License
mans laws never outwiegh gods laws or commands.jesus went to a wedding jewish law a contract between the 2 was written,diaires paid.divorce after consumating the marriage didnt happen only during the betrothal period.thus our divorce and marrying another is adultery according to the bible. repent means to flee..dont have may teaching that!

Divorce Second Husband
the truth i assume that is what you seek is in his word...says till death ..even if your first and only godly accepted husband committed adultry ...we can divorce but we can't remarry anyone but our first..we are to forgive if they repent we are to reconcile. be sure they are a beleiver, dont be deceived.. better to remain single and serve christ..we dont have to remarry our first spouse but we can't marry anyone else..see luke,mark,and even matthew, where does it say we are free to remarry anyone else.. it says if we do we commit adultry...2nd spouse, 3rd or 4th...they are not our spouse that we became one in the lord with..period..don't be deceived..this is satan work...this isnt popular but it is truth...

Explain Revelation 17:4
the church is all believers...not a denomination..the protestants... lets be honest they all still follow some of the catholic church dont they...sunday worship is an example..the pope changed it..the sabbath..nowi dont go to church on sat either, but we all have been mislead in other teach our kids about santa..move the letters ..satan..we make him omnipresent,all knowing, never dies,knows all persons deeds and rewards or holds back..etc... easter bunny evolves around the fertility pagan holiday...passover...we dont hardly observe..then easter we say good frioday and worship on sunday but any scholor of the word nows thats not 3 days and 3 nights..jesus was buried on wensday night and rose on sat the truth

Is Remarriage Accepted By God
lets say the innocent is free to remarry...find me one verse that says the quilty can ever remarry anyone..its not if thise persons remarry they are living in sin and an adulturus lifestlye..adultry against who,..the first spouse...repent means to have a change of heart and mind..we are to flee from these folks can not stay in a marriage God calls adultry, no matter how it looks from there works...we arent saved by works..are they going to hell...christ is the judge not me or anyone else, but as belivers we must speak the truth and be sure noit to have fornicators,adultures,murderes in our conreations as memebers of the body, unless they repent and i feel confess there sins one to another[the one who they sinned against]..

Keep Committing Adultery
confess your sins one to another and be free of the guilt! trust god..if your spouse leaves , remain single and try to restore your marriage but more importantly your relationship with god...he will forgive repented sin!! confessed....if your spouse is a godly man he will work things out with help from your pastor...but the lie is eatting you up...the truth will set you free

Is Remarriage Accepted By God
definre man to one woman till death due us aprt..even if one leaves the marriage oneness can not be broken by some civil court..this is either one marries another is is called adultry..if adultry then the guilty party must flee from sin and not live in it to repent..words arent enough..the innocent must remain single no matter what..till death

Remarrying After A Divorce
unpardonable sin.your still alive and can repent.your spouse was unfaithful do you now believe you can do the same.didnt your vows say till death due us made that to each other and to God.we can remain single after divorce,reconcile,wait till they die.or live in sin.the choice is yours alone.i know you feel conviction in your heart to even ask the question you know God is calling you to be flee living in sin.i live single after my divorce and she was unfaithful and has remarried. i take up my cross daily, bear the hurt and pain of divorce too.i wont allow satan to take me down the road where i dont belong.she may never come back . i will stand before God and know in my heart i served him not my needs .he will him.

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