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Is Smoking Wrong
I myself am a smoker and everytime I say I want to quit I listen to the devils lies about why I shouldn't. I can blame the stress in my marriage or many other things, but I know that I need to give my habit ALL to God and have faith that He will heal me. Yes, smoking is wrong.

Have A Country On Your Heart
I have a state, not a country, that I feel a spiritual connection to. This state is Colorado. From the time I was a child I was connected to the beauty of the four seasons. I know that every time I'm there I feel my soul refreshed. I pray if it is Gods will that my family will be back to stay. Thank you for sharing your country.

Tell If You Have Soul Mate
Darlene, I didn't marry for love, but for convience. I did eventually fall in love until he cheated on me several times.. I stayed because i did fall in love.. but it hurt. now i'm talking with a guy that is so into what im into.. i don't know what to do.

Are Abortions Acceptable
Dear pharisee, Right On!!! tina

How To Tell My Husband No
Dear Steve, So all this comes down to respect? I really don't understand what a mans sexual desire, that by human nature can not be controlled only through being saved, can have anything to do with respect. For the unsaved don't know the difference. Am I to do the things he wants or chose to follow God? I chose to God.

How To Tell My Husband No
Thanks again for all the replies, I can use all in some text or other, good advice. And Billy, so sorry for jumping the gun there on a word. I will pray on all advice and see what God holds in store for me and my husband!!!

How To Tell My Husband No
Dear Billy, I do appreciate your response, and yes I am Sure it is a sexual act that God would not want in my life. God does have specific guidelines for us when it comes to sex. Sexual perversion can be found in Deut.22:22-29, Deut.23:17, Lev.18:6-18, Rom.1:26,27, Deut.27:21. Oh and Billy there is no such word as interruptus, please be more careful when it comes to giving information without researching the fact, for it is dangerous for the weak. Thank you , in Christ, Tina

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