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Are Shriners Christian
Any person that calls themselve a Christian and is yoking in a Covenant relationship with Shriners / Mason / Freemason is in darkness. Read and comprehend the Holy Bible. The Word of God is very clear - be ye not unequally yoked. For a believer to yoke in brotherhood with a Muslim, Buddhist, Witches - is a sin.

Top Atheists Beliefs
The term "atheist" means a person who doesn't believe in gods or deities.

There's no set of "atheist" beliefs, as they don't belong to a club or follow ancient superstitions.

Christian Believe Evolution
You're playing semantics, Marc, which are irrelevant to the origins of our species or universe.

If you think there are supernatural creation myths and/or "theories" worth pursuing, I'm sure the evidence shown will find it's way into scientific research.

The beauty of science or ANY gathering of knowledge, is as we learn more, our theories and ideas evolve over time. Imagine if we still believed in talking snakes.

Imagine if we were stuck with the same technological or medicinal knowledge from thousands of years ago. Not unlike applying ancient myths and superstitions to 21st century society.

My Wife Is Having Affairs
Segun, you are to forgive your spouse for having an affair. But the Bible says that once they have cheated and fornicated in adultry, that gives you a right to divorce. It is my experience that once they cheat, they will do it again. I would seek advice from your pastor or a Christian counselor. If you are willing to stay, I'd say to go to counselling. But, if not, you are free to divorce. God's blessings be upon you.

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