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Mormons Secret Underwear
When you say that Ankerberg and Weldon are anti-mormon authors, who isn't in your opinion?
So, according to you anyone who speaks out about inconsistencies in the mormon church is anti-mormon?
I believe you think they are anti-mormon because they discredit the mormon church.

Mormons Secret Underwear
Just one more question, who told you that Ankerberg and Weldon have questionable credibility??? Was it a mormon?

Mormons Secret Underwear
What about the inconsistencies in your own books!
Your Book of Commandments was reissued under the title of Doctrine and Covenants. There were over 65,000 changes between the two! These were "direct" word for word revelations between God and J. Smith. Hmmm..." J. Smith must have made mistakes that "God" missed when he stopped the translation process to correct scribal errors." Quoted from Ankerberg and Weldon.

Mormons Secret Underwear
Other books have been changed too. 1 Nephi 11:18 was changed in 1830 because of inconsistencies.
I bet the LDS elders do not teach this from the pulpit.
Seriously, just research these things.
I think it is ignorant to believe something just because people tell you to- and I am saying that about Christians too.
From the bottom of my heart I really hope you do find the truth.

How Long Should I Pray
So, what happens when God doesn't heal? Are you going to say that people didn't have enough faith?
I think it's unfair to say that somebody didn't have enough faith and that's why they died or never were healed.

How Long Should I Pray
So, to answer your question about how long to pray, the Bible says to pray continually, but if healing doesn't take place, trust that God had a reason.
(My mother is battling cancer right now. I will never cease to pray for her.)

Mormons Secret Underwear
Tammy, I am just curious why you are on Christanet.
Are you here to argue or are you here because you are seeking?

Mormons Secret Underwear
Tammy, if you are seeking, then research LDS OUTSIDE of your church. Start questioning them! Don't believe what you believe just because your elders tell you to! I don't believe what I believe because my pastor tells me to. I question everything! I find the truth by seeking and researching for myself.
It seems like so many people I know from LDS just believe what they believe because their elders tell them it's the truth!

Mormons Secret Underwear
Ok, I am on my soapbox, but i am really passionate about this!
What about there are 6 contradictory versions of J. Smiths first account of his vision???
What about the fact that mormons have been trying for years to prove archaeologically that there was a mormon church in America but have found nothing? Write the Smithsonian yourself and ask about it...

Asked To Close In Prayer
Our old pastor did that to a woman in our congregation. The poor woman was so shy that she ran out crying.
I say use discretion and ASK beforehand.

Wife Left Me For No Reason
This happened recently to somebody in my life. I am sorry that you are going through this. Would your wife be willing to just separate instead of divorce? You don't have to sign the papers, but I know you could have legal action against you if you don't. Keep praying. Often people make mistakes in their past that forces them into a self destructive lifestyle. Is this the case for her? She sounds like she needs counseling if she is willing... Have you been the husband that God tells men to be in Eph. 5?

Mormons Fastest Growing Group
Joe Smith's parents were involved in occult practices. He was arrested in 1826 for fortune telling in Bainbridge, NY. Duet.18:10-12 says, "Let no one be found among you...who practices divination or sorcery...engages in witchcraft or casts spells, who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead." Mormon's claim to follow the Bible BUT Mormon Elder Parley Pratt in 1853 says "One of the leading or fundamental truths of Mormon philosophy is that the living may hear from the dead."

Mormons Fastest Growing Group
If you study Joseph Smith's claims about how he basically founded the church they seem so ridiculous! He claims he had his first vision when he was a 15 year old boy! He drastically changed his story about the events of the vision several times. Jerald and Sandra Tanner (leading authorities on mormonism) say they have 3 different hand written manuscripts of the first vision. They were all written by Joe Smith, but are all different accounts of what happened.

Mormons Fastest Growing Group
I could never believe a religion where the founder was involved in occult practices, and who obviously lied about his accounts. Also parts of the Book of Mormon have been changed through out the years to cover up contradictions. (1830 edition of Mosiah 21:28
Mosiah 6:3-7, 7:1 1 Nephi 11:18)

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