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How To Better Love Here
StrongAxe. Thank you for mentioning them. I have been concerned about them.

Married To An Older Man
There is no Biblical reason for divorce mentioned in your question. The age difference is not that great. If you have been having marital problems, talk with your pastor to find a good counselor.

How To Better Love Here
JS1234..Absolutely not. People who post on these blogs live all over the country. Very few know each other. I know no one on these blogs.

How To Better Love Here
Are you using a new name? I have followed these blogs for years and don't remember ever seeing this name. Lots of us have stopped posting because some people are allowed to post multiple times a day. Some appear to be moderators as well.

Amy Barrett Woman Of Faith
Nope. God takes care of HIS people.

Who Are You Voting For
Strongest...i did not say who I was voting for.

Who Are You Voting For
Shocked that kath would vote for a man who believes that Jesus and Lucifer are spiritual brothers and whose religion baptized for the dead.

Diamond Stones Disappeared
Some false teacher must be practicing magic.

Teenage Boys Not Remembering
Spanking for not saying Ma'am? Your children will distance themselves from you as soon as they can. Stop hitting your kids.

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