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Was 2020 Election Stolen

You wrote: ax: I imagine you are joyous now that MY country has been stolen by your Communist comrades.

Comments like those above are exactly what is wrong with people who think as you do. This is not YOUR country. This is OUR country. It doesn't JUST belong to Democrats. It doesn't JUST belong to Republicans. It belongs to EVERYBODY, and EVERYBODY needs to live together and cooperate.

The past four years have demonstrated the opposite. 45 was divisive, and widened the rift between the two sides, so much that one side attempted a literally BLOODY COUP where 6 people died.

Also, Biden IS NOT A COMMUNIST. Progressives criticize him because he's too far to the right.

Was 2020 Election Stolen

Carter - disappointing president, but a welcome change from Nixon's corruption. He now devotes his life to the Christian ideal of helping others less fortunate (Matt 25).

Obama never cheated on his wife and attends church regularly. Golf cheated on all three, golfs on Sunday instead of going to church (that he only goes to for photo ops), doesn't know the Bible at all - and despite claiming to be a Christian, his favorite Bible verse is the "eye for eye" part.

Bloody? The blood of all six who died in the coup attempt is on the RIGHT'S hands.

Republican Matt 25:
"I was hungry, and you cut my food stamps. I was sick, and you cut my health care. I was homeless, and you spiked park benches."

Amy Barrett Woman Of Faith

It depends on WHY you vote Democrat or Republican. Citizens have the right (and duty) to choose an appropriate government, so when they vote, they must vote responsibly. Do you want a country that follows God's commandments? Then you should vote accordingly, and based on ALL commandments, not just cherry pick one or two favorites and ignore the rest (as many single-issue voters do).

Amy Barrett Woman Of Faith

Sadly, that time doesn't seem to have come yet. Many people today (especially in America) are turned off by Christianity, because when they see Evangelicals (at least the ones that scream the loudest), they see people with "mouths full of scriptures and hearts full of hate". They conclude "I want no part of a God whose followers are that evil."

Paul wrote about such people: "'It is because of YOU that my name is blasphemed among the nations', as it is written".

There have always been people who claimed to represent God, but whose actions were so antithetical to what God wanted, that instead of being witnesses for God, they actually drove people away from God. That has not changed.

Was 2020 Election Stolen

Lynda McLaughlin is Sean Hannity's producer - hardly an unbiased "expert".

Trump telling his supporters that they need to "fight", followed by hundreds storming the Capitol while ballots were counted, with plans to capture and execute Congressmen, Senators, and the Vice President for supposed "treason", is insurrection, which might be acceptable in a fascist dictatorship, but NOT here.

One of the women arrested is pleading for a pardon for Trump saying "She was just following his orders". Presidents don't give "orders" to citizens. Dictators do. Citizens are supposed to obey the Constitution and laws, not the President's tweets.

How To Better Love Here

I know two people on these blogs personally (Cluny and Monk Brendan). I've known them for around 20 years, from even before I joined this site. Unfortunately, they haven't been on here for about a year, since they don't currently have internet access.

Was 2020 Election Stolen
It's sad how many Republicans (and Christians) jumped on the Q-anon conspiracy bandwagon. Q-anon puts fort baseless and wild conspiracy theories. Christians should have no part of such nonsense.

The Bible often says accusations require "two or three witnesses". This ought to eliminate idle gossip, since that is spread without witnesses, just being passed from mouth to mouth via "I heard a friend who heard it from a friend..." without any actual witnesses.

Q-anon is even worse, because not only is it gossip without any evidence, the person(s) pushing it are DELIBERATELY anonymous, making it impossible to verify where the information is coming from. This is the very opposite of the Biblical standard of evidence.

Satan On Over Drive

Many call themselves Christians, but their fruits are lacking. They support a man who goes against everything in both testaments, because he pushes their agendas.

Instead of showing love, they scream condemnation. Instead of being meek, they scream about their rights being violated, and put others at risk to protect those rights. Paul wrote about these: "'It is because of YOU my name is blasphemed among the nations', as it is written".

Billy Graham said it would be bad Christianity embraced right-wing politics. Sadly, that happened, and his own son embraces it.

Look at Jimmy Carter. He is not political. He spends his retirement years building homes for the homeless, per Matthew 25.

Was 2020 Election Stolen

Many assume this is true, only because some in government keep saying it but have shown ZERO evidence in two months and 60+ lawsuits. It's just propaganda by a bunch of sore losers. For four years, Republicans have been saying "You lost. Get over it". Now it's time for them to eat their own same crow.

How about a similar question: Was the 2016 election stolen? Since 2016, many government agencies (in a government headed by Trump and Republicans) have said Russian interference happened, including the Republican-run Senate Intel Committee.

If Biden deserves to give Trump four more years because of a stolen election, Trump should immediately hand those to Hillary over HER stolen election.

Amy Barrett Woman Of Faith

Trump was a pro-choice Democrat, then realized if he pretended to be a conservative, and pushed a pro-life and xenophobic pro-wall agenda, he could dupe conservatives into voting for him.

He kept whining about voter fraud, and still insists he "won", with no evidence. This rhetoric inspired many of his more extreme followers to attempt a coup.

He claims to care about fraud, but does not. In his infamous hour-long phone call, he begged that numbers be "adjusted". He didn't say "find all the votes". He said "find 11,780 votes". He wasn't asking for election integrity. He was asking ONLY for just enough votes to win. Like a little child, it was only about him getting what HE wants.

Amy Barrett Woman Of Faith

Trump is nothing like me. I know I'm not perfect, and strive to improve myself by learning. When I make assertions, I often cite sources (e.g. scriptures, legal decisions), if not obvious or easily looked up (e.g. front page of any newspaper or search engine).

Trump thinks he already knows everything - better than experts in each field. He makes wild claims even when they defy all evidence.

I despise Trump because he's the total antithesis of everything the Bible teaches. He violates all Ten Commandments and commits all Seven Deadly Sins - and not only does these, BOASTS ABOUT IT. And despite this, deluded Evangelicals follow him, just because he hates the same things they hate.

Amy Barrett Woman Of Faith

Per Burdick vs. United States 1915, accepting a pardon means ACCEPTING GUILT. It only eliminates the punishment.

Trump thinks he knows EVERYTHING better than anyone. Judges are trained their entire life to interpret the law. He wasn't.

He thinks he knows medicine better than doctors. Now we have 340K+ COVID-19 deaths.

He thinks he knows military tactics better than generals. He ordered a disastrous raid on Yakla, Yemen, during his first week in office, against the advice of ALL his military advisors, that got two dozen civilians killed, including a dozen children, and a pregnant woman and her unborn child. Yet we never hear pro-Lifers complain about any of this. But they STILL complain about 4 dead in Benghazi.

Amy Barrett Woman Of Faith

You wrote: obviously you havent done any homework. Innocent till proven guilty.

From Wikipedia article about the Nisour Square Massacre:

In 2014, four Blackwater employees were tried and convicted in U.S. federal court, one of murder, and the other three of manslaughter and firearms charges, all four convicted were pardoned by Donald Trump in December 2020.

Innocent till proven guilty? THEY WERE PROVEN GUILTY. What part of "convicted" is not clear to you?

Charles Kushner was serving a sentence (therefore guilty) when Trump pardoned him. Hunter Biden has NOT been convinced, let alone charged with ANYTHING. He IS innocent till proven guilty.

Amy Barrett Woman Of Faith

What do you mean "inadmissable hearsay"? Who decides that, you? Or trained judges with years of legal experience? The courts decided evidence was admissable, and those defendents were found guilty. Trump also pardoned his own son-in-law's father. Does that flagrant nepotism not bother you either?

And innocent have no evidence they were.

So you think it's acceptable to murder women and children because they can't prove they're innocent?! The last I heard, we lived in America, where people are innocent until PROVEN guilty, not some police state where government agents can kill anyone they please based on suspicion or convenience.

How many child-murderers did Obama pardon?

Amy Barrett Woman Of Faith

You complain about the "death of the innocent". Where is your outrage that our current president is doling out pardons like candy, some of which went to four Blackwater guards who murdered 14 Iraqi civilians and wounded 17 others? Those victims innocent, yet he is deliberately letting their murderers escape justice.

Are You Truly Saved

I have no idea how any people who call themselves Christians can follow Paula White. She said that anyone who told you to deny yourself was from Satan. (Typical prosperity gospel stuff.) Jesus told his followers to deny themselves, take up their crosses, and follow him. This alone should be enough to tell people to stay far away.

She also told people that to prove their faith, they needed to send HER their January salary.

Jesus also said that it was easier for a camel to pass through an eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God. So I feel sad for all of these rich televanglists with huge mansions, yachts, and jets - because according to Jesus, many of them are probably damned.

Are You Truly Saved

Yes, exactly. The same people who point to their favorite politician (e.g. Trump) and say "He's there because God CHOSE him to be there, and working against them is working against the Will of God", conveniently forget the same must ALSO be true for politicians they DON'T like. Thus God put Obama in the White House for 8 years, and Pelosi in Congress to impeach Trump.

And, if you follow that deep rabbit hole to the bottom, one would also have to accept that God put Leopold II, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc. in place to murder millions - and that working against those genocidal tyrants would be "working against God's Chosen".

Yet this is what a deterministic world-view inevitably leads to.

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