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Explain The Rosary Beads
Does anyone know what Matthew 6:7 says? It does not bar anyone from meditating on the words of god nor does it mean that repetive prayer is wrong. What it says is that you should not pray to false gods because does not reconize this. Think of it like you an I are in a party and your name is John. I want to get your attention but I call the name of Steve. Will YOU answer? If we pray to God (accourding yo Matt 6:7) then this is perfectly acceptable.

Explain The Rosary Beads
Does Matt 6:7 bar one from repeating prayers? No. It says we should not repeat "Vain Prayers". If we add other vain activities such as vain memorization of the bible, vain prayers (non repeated) and other vain activities, we can see this also detests God. What the verse says it to put you heart and soul into everything you do. Reread Matthew 6:7 again. Thanks.

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