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Why Am I So Lonely
Hello, my name is Ted. I write this blog because I am very lonely right now. I was betrayed by my spouse and I going through a divorce that I do not want. Under the pressure of my marriage I had a breakdown and my wife is using that to limit the access I have with my daughter. Before we seperated, we transfered all her debt on to my credit card to help her with credit score. I am now saddle with a ton of debt. I have friends but they all have families and their own lives. Please pray for me and give some advice on how not to feel so lonely. I Trust in God and this experience has got me closer to him.
P.S. The hardest thing a christian to do is to forgive those who hurt you.

History Of Christianity
The history of Christianity will not change with the discovery of "Jesus' tomb." It will rather strengthen or emphasize the death of Jesus. l stand to be corrected that they did not find anything in it that shows Jesus didn't resurrect. Jesus, after resurrecting appeared several times for 40 days and the Apostles and early disciples SAW Him!

Explain The Rosary Beads
Before taking the False Traditions Bible quiz, please realize that there are wrong info and statements in it. Some of the bible quotes do not match the the answers and they have been misquoted on several of them. Seek the guidence of a Catholic Priest regarding you question on the rosary or any other doctrine of the Catholic or Orthedox Churches. They know far more then any one else on the subject..

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