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Get Out Of A Christian Marriage
My husband and I argue all of the time about everything! Carla said God has called us to peace...we have no peace. I need a break from this marriage.

Still My Wife In Heaven
Where in the Bible does it give an idea that once God creates the new earth and heaven, the husband and family I have now will be with me there?
Thank you
scotch moss

Can't Stand My Husband
The good news is that since you're already married, there is no biblical reason to divorce him unless you are being abused or he is cheating on you. So, forget about that. Once you do, it will be easier to keep your head in your marraige and things won't seem quite so bad. I would start out by looking for a good christian marraige counselor. Yes, it is hard, but you'll be okay. Things were get better.
God Bless you

Can This Christian Remarry
I have a question: if babys are born joined does that mean we shouldn't seperate them? if a person needs a organ transplant should they not get it? I think that babys have better life seperate and God alows new hearts and organs, why would he not have mercy else where? I know that some people take better care of a new heart. they know it's price wasn't free.

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