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God Will Bring My Wife To Me
I would pay any amount of money to know for sure how to find a wife. Of course I have asked God, but I think that God has put an end to every time I have pursued woman, I can assume that they were the wrong answer to my question. So by the fact that he has put some stumbling blocks in the way of women I have pursued, it is a logical inference to believe that a right answer exists. The bible says that God provides for the sparrows, so it would make sense that he would provide something like a wife?

Who Is Kim Clement
Kim Clement is not a true prophet of God. The guy paid himself $403 an hour, 54 hours a week, for 52 weeks. He fleeces the flock. His accuracy is horrid and his 'prophecies' are obscure enough that if he sees something in the news he can relate it to, he does. Osama still hasn't been caught though Kim prophecied it would happen in 2004. There are countless other prophecies that are simply a waste of words. Kim tells people what they want to hear instead of what they need to hear. One thing you won't hear from Kim is any preaching about repentance, a topic the bible covers exensively.

Does God Forgive Divorce
Of course, God will forgive if a person sincerely repents in their heart. However, divorce should be the "nuclear option." The Bible only gives one ground for divorce, that is marital unfaithfulness--this is very clearly stated in the Bible (although I am sure that flagrant abuse and criminal trespasses would fall in this category). However, God wishes for people to think first before they act and try to work on a relationship rather than just giving up. In my opinion, those are the two biggest obstacles to marriage today. Too many people jump in nowadays, and people would rather seek the easy way out and just quit. Still single in my middle 30's, I simply have not met the right one yet--better to do it right the first time.

Should I Confess My Affair
Wow! 3 yrs of lies and cheating!
I feel sorry for your husband for what is in store. If you do not tell him someone will.
I would think it would be better coming from you. You owe him the truth no matter how much it hurts. Guilt should be the least of your worries now. You need to have a heart to heart withb your husband and with God.
Confession is good for the soul and he NEEDS to know the truth already

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