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Does God Have A Sense Of Humor
Yes He does. When i was on a trip with my family to florida as little kid, i prayed the day that we left that we would get to stay in florida longer.....our plain ended up waiting on the runway for 2 hours while the mechanics fixed something. Yeah not exactly what i had in mind hahaha.

Jesus Returns For Us
to say that we "ALL" go to heaven is an absolute outrage and a disgusting LIE!!! Rev 14:3 says a small group will be bought or redeemed from the earth and regarding these "spiritual" jews Rev 5:9 says they are from every tribe, tongue, people, and nation thus indicating they are not physical Jews. Rev 5:10 states they will be kings over who???? why, THE EARTH. indicating to us that there will be inhabiters of the earth.(Ps 37:11, 29, Mt 5:5) Rev 20:6 poses the question...They will rule over whom? none other than the inhabitants of the earth!!!

Girlfriend Quit Teaching Job
The moderator is correct. This scripture is not talking about teaching school.

I Don't Think God Is Real
if god is loving and powerful how come we still have dieases and war and crimes if he loves us so much y doesnt he stop it all and take us to paradise the answer HE ISNT REAL and if he is then thanks 4 a crappy life and if he is y does he punish 6 billion people 4 what 2 people did

Mega Churches Closing Christmas
The account of Luke doesnt support Dec 25th. The sheppards were in the field, tending to their sheep. Also, Joseph and Mary had to travel to bethleham for a census ordered by Caesar. Caesar would not have had the jews trek in cold, rainy weather for this census. Also, we all know of Dec 25th roots in paganism.

Can Christians Drink A Little Wine
Simple answer...Did Jesus drink wine? Remember the account when Jesus went to a gathering and he turn the water into wine. If he didnt see anything wrong, then we shouldnt see anything wrong. He only condemn drunkeness.

Jews Still God's Chosen People
The 144,000 does not make up Jews. For one, the Jews wouldnt agree with this because they dont believe in the Christian Greek Scriptures. So they wouldnt agree with that #. Also, Jesus or (Lamb) is with them. They dont recognize Jesus as Gods Son and mankinds savior.

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