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Can You Marry Twice
I just read an awesome book by Myles Munroe titled Single, Married, Seperated and life after divorce. It has helped me to understand something I suspect that every christians feels once we turn our lives over to the Lord. We feel a singleness and desire to know God, and know everything there is about him. Then through life we slack off from the way we started. I say that to say this. Be encourage seek God. Scripture - Phillippians 4:19
Matthew 6:14-15
1 John 1:9
I pray these will minister to you according to the will and grace of our Lord Jesus.

Committed Adultery In The Past
Seek God, search the Spirit and do as the Spirit directs. For each it will not be the same. God knows your heart and the reason you proposed the question, he knows your husband and your marriage. If It's guilt, we are not under condemnation. Now I am sure some posters have lied to others and not gone back to everyone they lied to. Definately not their boss. My point is take your direction from the Holy Spirit.

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