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Early Christian Church Popular
Actually, there's no such thing as color,just light rays of different lengths , what colors do you see in a dark room? Color is seen in the brain, hence, some persons are "color blind"

Love For Christians
Cluny, Another 12 Christians were beheaded today and 16 shot through the head in Libya by ISIL.
Do you still think they're doing Christians a favor Cluny ???

Heaven Hell The Same
Cluny : There's no such thing as departed spirits ! (as transformed humans) Every time you exhale (pneuma/spirit) departs !
Just continue to be in good spirits !
Surely you can tell the difference between spirit & spirit!

Love For Christians
Trav, **Can one appeal to God?,Did Christ?** Jesus cried out "Eli,Eli ,lama sabachthani" The normal and natural thing to do when being tortured to death !
No doubt some of the 21 Christians watching their fellow Christians be decapitated ,one by one ,cried out in the same panic, hoping against hope that God would "delivereth them-Psl.34.7"
Doesn't seem to apply 2015!
I've heard many stories of "miracles" and just as many "fails". Some personal!

Love For Christians
Trav, I'm quite familiar of why Christ had to shed His blood !
Psl.34.7 did not apply to the 10 Apostles who were murdered,nor those on the Titanic,or World Trade Center,or flight 9525, infinitum.
Time and circumstance (in other words just plain luck)
Some get cancer, some don't still no "pattern"!

Heaven Hell The Same
If you don't define "hell" how can you compare it to heaven ?
Our English word "hell" comes from the German "hoelle" to bury, cover with earth. In Germany they "Holle" their potatoes !
In the KJV the Hebrew word sheol is translated 31 times as grave and 31 times untranslated as hell !

Is Hoarding Unscriptural
The reason I posed this blog was because my sister-in-law , a born again Christian, is a hoarder. She has not seen the inside of her garage in 25 years, full to the ceiling with "stuff"
the basement is full , so now she has rented a storage shed to put more "stuff" (things she does not use/need ) even her van has boxes of stuff for years.
Maybe it's none of my business, but I think it's unChristian !

Heaven Hell The Same
Monk Brendan, Are you familiar with the four words translated "hell" in the KJV?
Do you know the origin of this word ?

Love For Christians
Trav, I'm happy that your daughter survived her accident.
Please don't take offence, but this haunts my mind with the question...Why!
21 Christian men had their heads removed for standing firm in their Christian beliefs!How many Christians died 9/11? How many German families prayed for the safe return of their children on flight 9525 ??
There doesn't seem to be a
"pattern"! Guardian angels...really? !

Early Christian Church Popular
Jesus said that when they see Jerusalem surrounded by encamped armies , to flee to the mountains. this they did but then Rome left the area and they came back. In 70 AD Rome once again surrounded Jerusalem .The Jews began to swallow their gold escaping, when this became known The soldiers would cut open all escapee resulting in mass slaughter. From then on Jews/Christians were persecuted
Christianity is a sect of Jewdaism !

Early Christian Church Popular
Christians of the first three centuries were fed to the lions.

Love For Christians
No Leon, I don't "work at it" It's staring me in the face every day. I just don't put my head in the sand and pretend nothing is happening !
It would be so convenient to believe that we'll "all gather at the river" holding hands and singing in the great beyond....but is that the Kingdom message ?
One doesn't have to be God to ask "where is the love today?" not 2,000 years ago !
What can you point to and say "see, there is how God is showing His love for Christians TODAY "?

Love For Christians
Leon, So that's the message today? If you want to be a Christian, be prepared to be murdered with no help from God?
Just like the days when Christians had to hide in the catacombs of Rome !
Six million Jews were incinerated with no help from their God, same thing ?

Love For Christians
Christianity is not about dying it's about living, not just in the "hereafter".
Who is the enemy?
From 1861 to 1865 Christians were killing Christians to the tune of more than 600,000 !
1st and 2nd world wars the German soldier had on his belt buckle "Gott mit uns" (God is with us)
God parted the Red Sea so the Hebrews could go safely away from the enemy.
He fought their wars, tended them nurtured them, it was not about dying , but living.
Today...not a peep???
Are we less worthy ??

Love For Christians
It's all well and good to imagine that faced with certain death at the hands of mad men, we would be so brave !

Put yourself in flight 9525 as it begins to plummet from 38,000 to the canyons of the French Alps at 400 plus MPH for 10 agonizing minutes, you cry out to God for help comes !!!
Is this all the help a Christian can expect from God ??? 2015 ?
Just askin'

Death Penalty For Criminals
Leon, Isn't it strange that they execute criminals by lethal injection with "sterile" needles ??

Love For Christians
When I was a child, in Sunday school,we sang "Jesus loves me this I know, for the bible tells me so..."
How relevant is this today?
When Al Shabaab militants stormed the university in Garissa Kenya, selectively killing Christians and letting Muslims go free.
At one point three girls were forced to kneel before one of the militants as he mused who to of the girls cried out "Jesus save me" and he shot all three!
Isn't there something wrong with this picture ????

Love For Christians
From 70 AD to 325 , more than 200 years, Christians were hauled off to the Roman arena for the entertainment of Caesar and company.
Whole families , mom,dad and kids, given a head start, then the lions were loosed to chase them down, Dad making a valiant attempt to save his family, to no avail. The people cheered as the animals bit into their flesh....No doubt they prayed for God's mercy, but no help came...Heb 13.5 "God has said "Never will I leave you. never will I forsake you" ????

What Does War Look Like
Leon, While US sat back enjoying freedom at the time the "Eastern nations" were killing each other.....bam..9/11 they brought the war here.
We don't have a choice !

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