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I See Spirits All The Time
cluny, how dare you. children are often the most spiritually gifted, because they have not become mind-polluted and conformed to the world. They're innocent and pure. SO, if a child sees spirits, that's likely a gift from God. stop casting dirt on this.
What this person needs is a strong relationship with Lord Jesus Christ.
Call out to Him and ask Him to come, at any time, especially when alone, and things are troubling you. I've done this and He HAS come immediately, ousting evil immediately. Call directly to Him by name, to come help you. Devils all flee before Him!

I See Spirits All The Time
some people have a (biblical) gift of discernment of spirits, and spiritual vision. spiritually blind people don't have a clue about it. so to see what is there spiritually, is a good thing: better than NOT being able to see what is there! if one can see it, one is then able to address the problem once given the tools.
ok, now i think it's a big mistake to pretend that spirits and demons do not exist. yet that is precisely what a lot of psychiatry does, it even usually denies the existence of God, so psychiatric medication is not a healthy or wholesome device in many cases. It actually often causes side effects or worsening. Pharmacy used to mean poison or witchcraft, look it up.

No Answer To My Prayer
sometimes it's just a matter of opening your eyes and your mind. ask Him to show you the answers He is giving. I went for many years asking the same sort of prayer, all along He had been showing me and giving me opportunities but I didn't see them. then one day i asked Him to show me how much He really loves me and make sure I know. From that point i started realizing amazing stuff He had tried to get me to do, etc. in hindsight. So He had been answering all along but i didn't grasp it. well, i am more mature now and better able to understand....and i pray more, and ask Him for more, and to show me and make sure i know.

Holocaust Punishment From God
i think it is possibly God's refining. But not necessarily so for all those who perished. I think it was a matter of those who were misled and the misleaders, being unfortunately swept away and actually, made a terrible example of. although it's not to justify someone like hitler, that seems unthinkable. why not just send them all to israel instead? or anywhere?
it was elie wiesel, the jewish survivor of the holocaust, who told the story of the european jewish prophet who went door to door to warn jewish communities by a vision of impending disaster that God sent him to warn them about. BUT none listened! this is one of the morals of that whole story. They are separated from God, and need reconciled, by accepting God's own Messiah, Yeshua.

Make Heresy A Law
aka, the nasty things in the talmud, should make us realize that we can't have very much justice or mercy when we have jewish attorneys arguing against us, judging us or prosecuting us in courts, because they have been taught to have no conscience about right and wrong, justice or mercy, for nonjewish. I mean, those taught the most rabid rabbinical rantings. because some might not have been taught quite that way.

Holocaust Punishment From God
the holocaust is probably a continuation of the old covenant, which the jews are still under, because they never accepted the new covenant in christ. they do not get the benefit of forgiveness as christians do through the washing of the blood of christ. there is a specific benefit under the new covenant. ok, so the holocaust is just one more part of what God did through the millennia, He put the jews through refining process. The ones who were left, are called the Remnant. So it has been ongoing over the centuries, and now we see that scripture prophesy is coming true about bringing them back to Israel: that is, the Remnant is brought back there.

Burial Or Cremation
In the NT, Lazarus & others were raised from the dead after a few days. Raising from the dead is a spiritual gift from Christ. Ok, how can this be done on a person whose body has been burned, destroyed or even, internally embalmed? This would be premature destruction & extra damage of a body, making it harder for a Holy Spirit endowed Christian to simply raise or wake that person from the dead by a simple invocation. So burning or other manmade destruction, is an interference with God's own processes. Leave it up to Him because it may be that He will raise the person not long after death. It has happened with/ without human intervention, recently. google IANDS. I PREFER A VAULT openable from the inside.

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