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Praying For A Husband
well unfortunatley for you, in the bible it states that persons who are divorced must wait until their exspouse dies in order to start a relationship with another person. So it would actually be a sin if you were to marry again.

Joel Osteen's Lakeway Church
Just because Joel Olsteen has a large (misguided) following does NOT mean that his "teachings" are Christian. The majority of the talks that I've heard him give are not Christ-based at all but are motivational, self-help pep talks. I find it heart-breaking that so many people would pay to hear him speak and freely donate their funds to keep Joel Olsteen in business. We are truly living in sad times.

Is Obama Muslim
If you interpret your Christian values to support big corporations, pro-life ethics, and raping the environment vote Republican. If you interpret your Christian values to support clothing the poor, prochoice ethics, no-guns, and big government vote Democratic. If you interpret your Christian values to mean making rational decisions based on knowledge and observation, keeping an open-mind and heart, working for community, and dignity and virtue in our countries actions... politics aren't for you.

Should I Support Depressed Husband
I would take care of my child and myself first, but I would not give up on my marriage.

Can Cousins Marry Each Other
I've read Leviticus 18 and found cousins were not mentioned in the list.

What Is Love
Leviticus 18 specifies to what degree God considered close relatives. None of which are cousins.

Who Is Derrick Prince
Sorry the spelling is Larry Huch.

Who Is Derrick Prince
I heard Larry Huck on the radio today and he said the annointing from Derrick Prince had transferred to him. Evidently it was confirmed by Billy Graham and Oral Roberts I believe. Others also. Larry has a few books out on curses.

Shame For Long Hair Men
For the sake of new born again christians and non believers who visit the churches of God.. we should all try to please one another and accept each other to avoid controversy. Do not be part cause of lost salvation

Shame For Long Hair Men
It also says in 1 corinthians 10 :32-33 dont cause problems in church , I always try to please (others) instead of (myself) in hope that others maybe saved.
The man who have long hair in church should please others so that their will be no problems in church and if he feels he does not have to please anybody then go to another church were they accept him as he is. Because abvously if they can't accept him in the church then it's not the church he wants to be in.

Shame For Long Hair Men
There is nowhere in the Bible that said Jesus had long hair therefor those paintings of Jesus with long hair are from Artist who assume he had long hair because of those times. The only one we can prove to have had long hair was samson but that was in old testiment (old laws).

Shame For Long Hair Men
(1 Corinthians 11: 3) 3-Now I want you to realize that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man, and the head of Christ is God. I believe That why would he mention this ? It is because he knew Jesus well enough to know Jesus didn't have long hair. That is why after he continues in verse 14 to say it is shameful for any man to have long hair. The Bible is inspired by God. So why go against the words of a man (Paul) of God ?

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