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I Hate My Wife
Ok I see allot of worldly stuff here, and have been there. Read the scriptures on marriage. A couple of good reads for a man is "Wild at Heart"(Eldreidge) and "Point Man"(Farrar). God is not interested in your happiness, he is interested in your holiness. This situation will make all involved stronger provided they each seek the real answers, the truth. Santan starts division with doubt, fear and anxiety, and then tempts with ideas of happiness and pleasure. Put yourself, and your family in the Lord's hands, seek to become a man he can use, and no matter what don't let the enemy get you down. Your wife is her own and you cannot change her except by changing yourself. Keep praising especially in tough times.

I Strayed Away From God
God is not about religions, he is about relationships. He wants you to understand that, and your journey is leading you to strength in that truth. Be aware Satan "masquerades as an angel of light" (2 Cor.11:14) and plants doubt in the minds of believers (Gen.3:1-5) God provided a way for us to realize his grace and enter into a relationship with him, in Jesus. Repentance of sin, Faith in Jesus, and acceptance of him as lord of your life is salvation. Use discernment, anyone teaching works or deeds to salvation is teaching false doctrine. Once you have accepted Christ and dedicate your life to him, you are saved forever.

Anti-Christ Gives Mark Or Beheads
Take the blade. Regardless of anyone's point of view on the time line of the rapture vs. Tribulation, it all works out the same in the end. We need not worry about these things, only be aware so that we may not be deceived. On no authority does anyone claim to know the actual events or times. We have a purpose and it is not to dwell on these things(Luke 12:35-48, 17:20-37, 22:all,)

Biblical Stand On Divorce
Marriage and divorce in our modern culture is very convoluted. First a man and woman must be truly married in the biblical sense before a divorce can happen. It is not the government documents that determine it. A man and woman can be legally married and still be in sin. They must become "one" as it is written. If they are one heart and soul, standing biblically married, then the laws of marriage apply. Proverbs 19:13, 20:25, and 21:9 paint a picture of the un biblical marriage. It was men's "hardened hearts"(Mat.19:8) as Jesus said that convoluted marriage as God intended.

God's Word Changes
The 10 commandments are rules for relationships. God came here as a humble man to teach us this (Mark 12:29-31). He made the ultimate blood sacrifice then rose from the dead to complete the law. He simply said that we must have faith in him, repent our sins and accept him as Lord of our lives. You cannot be saved through your own works, but through his grace only. Good works are fruit of his Lordship over us. He is about relationships not Law!!! To have a relationship with him you must put your faith in his word. He will take it from there if you just trust him over yourself. If someone says you have to do certain deeds to be saved, it is false. Once you accept Christ as Lord and repent, you are saved forever, let the word lead from there.

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