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What Is A Marriage Today
"What is it that makes someone married?" It's definitely not the piece of paper that's given to the married couple.

Was Lucifer The Choir Director
I have a CD of Lucifer conducting "Hell's Symphony Orchestra" and playing Beethoven's ninth symphony.

A copy is available upon request.

I Stopped Praying To Mary
Debbie, read Gen 3:15 for yourself. Vessel? Don't you feel shameful for calling Mary with that name.

Attacking On This Website
Don't expect to be shot by a British person for calling him "Brit". As private individuals, they are very trustworthy and harmless people.

Their only problem is they don't speak as clearly as Americans do :))

Is Mel Gibson's Apology Sincere
There seems to be some kind of mistaken view that Catholics hate Jews. Huh? This is not true. Why would you make such disparaging comments?

Only Catholic Church For Salvation
What do I have to say for myself? I better not for fear of scandalizing the many "Christian" saints that may be reading my post.

Your Favorite Saint And Candle
I question the existence of "Sally" and believe that this and another post were put in to denigrate the Catholic Church.

Moderator - How does Sally's question denigrate the Catholic Church as this is their practice? Is your church any different? We have people all over the world posting that this is a Catholic practice and I know for a fact it is where I live and in Latin America. If what Sally is doing is wrong, please correct her accordingly. Otherwise, it looks like sour grapes.

Only Catholic Church For Salvation
Mod replied to Ruben: "Therefore you are stating that Tradition is the final authority if the Bible and Tradition disagree with each other" Ruben did NOT say that and you are putting words in his mouth and I'm starting to doubt your motives why.

Moderator - Then Ruben needs to clearly make his statement which is why I asked my question. Ruben is into Marian theology and other American and Latin American Catholic theologies. Ruben has stated before in other blogs these types of things. How about you A_Catholic what do you say for yourself?

Your Favorite Saint And Candle
The biggest money is made by the TV "Christian" evangelists especially those who perform "miracles" live on TV.

Prayer For The Dead
Who established that the two books of Maccabees are not inspired?

The RCC believes that they were. Some new comers decided to state otherwise.

Your Favorite Saint And Candle
If Sally is a Catholic, then she is very naive to put such an "appetizing" question on here.

Moderator - What is wrong with the question from a Catholic prospective? In the southwest USA and Latin America, this is standard Catholism.

Are Mary Appariations Demons
Helen, on the other hand, any non Catholics who see visions, their vision is coming from God right? I've heard stories on CN of gold dust from heaven and other supernatural and spectacular events. Those are all heavenly as long as the person who experience them is not Catholic.

Moderator - You will see me and others correcting other false doctrines in addition to the Catholic Church. Trust me, the Catholic Church doesn't have a corner on all the false doctrines. You just happen to be Catholic and are more sensitive to Catholic comments.

Your Favorite Saint And Candle
I question the genuinity of the original question above.

It's getting vicious

Only Catholic Church For Salvation
Mod, tradition does not override the Bible as you have repeatedly stated.

Moderator - We may be in agreement. However, the Vatican isn't in agreement with that statement.

Is Mary The Mother Of God
I agree Moderator. Mary is the Mother of the physical body of Jesus who also happened to be part of the Holy Trinity and thus She was very special to be chosen for such a task. I, and many others, recognize this very special "assignment" given to Her by God. Yes, we ask Her to interced for us because She even cared for the wedding people of Cana - why wouldn't She care for our salvation? Dead? No, like all saints, She is in heaven enjoying full glory.

Moderator - The special task was the mother of the physical Christ. The special task wasn't to pray for us as she is dead and nevermind the Bible forbids it.

Do You Believe In Ghosts
Something weird just happened in my house. My wife sneezed and immediately, I heard a weird sound.

Ran to the living room and noticed that the insect screen rolled up by itself although I suspect it was my wife's sneezing that caused it.

I cautioned her not to sneeze anymore!!!

Only Catholic Church For Salvation
"So then, brethren, stand firm and hold the traditions that you have learned, whether by WORD or by letter of ours." 2Thess 2:15

Moderator - That doesn't state that traditions override the Bible. True Biblical traditions don't conflict with scriptures.

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