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Converts To Judaism Saved
, Jesus was sent by the father for the very purpose that those who believes in him shall be saved. Man cannot be saved by their own holiness but by an amazing grace which is why Jesus was sent.If you reject him, you aren't saved even if you are clean because no one really is.. We are not saved by our righteousness but by the grace of Lord Jesus Titus 3:5. If you do not believe in the one the father sent, how can you believe in the father??The one who believes in the son believes in the father. Jesus did exactly as instructed by the father so it is the father's command. If you don't believe in Jesus its not Jesus that you don't believe in, it is the father that you reject.. Which the Jews do

Still My Wife In Heaven
Dear Mike,

I am a young 20 year old who longed for that one person to spend my life with, I was bless through christ with the perfect person, and I have layed in bed stroking her hair thinking if god forbid one of us dies before the other, heaven would be worth going to unless she or I was there waiting with open arms. I dont think god would do that to our spirits. I think he knows some people would rather suffer on earth then have eternal bliss if it meant staying with their loved one. God bless you and stay true to what your heart feels

Leading People To Christ At Work
The more victory God has, the stronger the devil will attack to destroy it. God will win. It is called spiritual warfare. We need to learn the promises of God

See REVELATION 2 and 3 and the 7 churches.

1. The loveless church
2. The persecuted church
3. The compromising church
4. The corrupt church
5. The dead church
6. The faithful church
7. The lukewarm church 3:16 - So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of My mouth.

God would much rather we keep winning people to Christ than become lukewarm or cold.

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