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Should She Date A Disabled Man
im a disabled man and Ive been looking a woman most of my life im 21 now and still single truth be told most women don't give disabled people the time if your friends is happy she shouldnt listen to what people say as long as shes happy thats all that matters

We Want A Donor Sperm
Have you considered adopting an embryo? Unwanted embryos are leftover from women taking fertility drugs? Cheaper than adopting at least & you could rescue one.

How To Baptise
Baptisms should be for the believers and followers of Jesus Christ. But you shall be baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost for the remission of sins. Baptism is for those worthy and mature enough to know the difference between right and wrong. That is the age of 8years old. So the baptisms of babies is not only wrong, its a waste of time.

What Are Unitarian Beliefs
I've been doing a little looking into Biblical Unitarianism.
What I see is that they 1.) don't believe that Jesus is God 2.)don't believe that those who don't receive Christ will go to an eternal hell, but rather be completely dead and non-existant 3.)believe that to be saved you must work through your sins as Jesus reveals them to you and to be saved you must live a holy life.

The problems I see is by not believing that Jesus is God, they are not following the true gospel. As Jesus said in John 8:24 "I told you that you would die in your sins, if you do not believe that I am the one I claim to be, you will indeed die in your sins." There's a big problem if you don't believe that Jesus is God as He clearly said He was.

I Am A Prophet
We all have the ability to be prophets. All you must do is see the truth. As a whole we have not found it. We are all lost. Once you start to see the truth you have to work to unite us. We are all trapped and only the truth can set us free.
It has everything and nothing to do with Jesus.

Bible Say About Hypnosis
This is a question I researched a lot before deciding to become a professional, certified hypnotherapist. I'm glad you asked it here. Thank you! First, people used to think medicine, psychology, and democracy (among other things) were all evil at one time. Second, hypnosis does not allow a person to exert control over you, instead, it allows you to exert more control over yourself. In fact, I appreciate how I can regain control in areas of my own subconscious lost to advertisers, bad habits, and more. Of course... anything can be used for evil, so ALWAYS investigate your hypnotherapist and interview them to discover their beliefs, values, etc.

Spanking Young Teenage Girl
My best friend was beat by her mother (of course her mother used the word "spank" instead). Usually it was out of the mother's frustrations with the world, and my friend had little or no control over when or why she was beat. My friend rebelled through drugs, sex, and more. Finally she found a great Chris-centered community that helped her develop a relationship with Christ. I cannot imagine a true follower of Christ trying to justify beating and belittling another person, or even an animal. When it involves a grown man and a teenage (read: sexually mature) girl... the only word that comes to mind is "pervert". Learn to communicate, Dad! Teach your daughter some real lessons.

Rapture Of The Church
BruceB, Matt 24 speaks of Jesus coming, and to "keep watch". I disagree that this is speaking of a persons singular death. keep watch for what? our coming death? It says to watch the signs of my coming and that it will be like the days of noah until they "entered the ark". noah was spared,saved. It also says men will be "taken" out of the world. "one taken, the other left"

This is his "glorious appearing" when he calls up in the clouds. (not the second coming when he sets foot on the Mt of olives Zech 14:4). At the last supper jesus said I will return again to "receive" you unto me. again this is when he calls us up or the "rapture".

Rapture Of The Church
Bruce I appreciate your prayers i need all i can get.

I Thess 5:9 "for god did not appoint us to suffer wrath."

Rev 3:10 "I will keep you from the hour of trial that will come upon the earth."

What do you suppose these men are talking about?

The word rapture is not in the bible but the event is spelled out in Thess chap 4.Its a snatching away, catching up, harpazoid, whatever you want to call it but its in the scriptures.

Where do you get the concept of Satans wrath?

Explain The 10 Virgins Parable
Trav, How do you explain that the ten virgins represent the ten nations?. i haven't heard of that before?

My understanding has alwasys been this is a warning to be ready, for Jesus' return, don't be asleep. be looking for him. There will be a marriage supper of the lamb when jesus returns and we are to be watchful.

How To Become Saved
TheSeq - I don't understand your response.

Are Catholics Christians
Frances008 - Churches can really mess people up. i'm with you on that. i know some people that argue that the true "church" is held in peoples living rooms and home bible studies. there is some truth to that.

Who Makes It Into Heaven
The bible says "to be absent from the body is to be present with the lord".

Evolution versus Creationism
The theory (yes theory) of evolution attempts to explain away god. that is impossible to do. there are so many things about evolution that just don't add up. Evolutionits need time. lots of time to make their theories true and they re-write their explanations and beliefs after every new dig. but they expect a lot of respect for these silly notions. If a life form did evolve on its own. how do you get over the hump of reproduction. There is no way to accurately date anything over 50,000 years. but evolutionists throw out crazy numbers like millions and millions of years like its somehow accurate based on sedimentary and layered rock.

Are Catholics Christians
From experience. There are definitely people within the RCC that have an odd fascination with statues of Mary and the Saints. And we should pray for them b/c some of it IS idol worship in form. But I personally know people that worship the Pittsburgh Steelers and Nascar as well and that is a form of idol worship. idol worship is really anything you put before god and we cant limit it to just physical statues or graven images. If one has a picture of his children in his wallet that he likes to adore from time to time is that worship of a graven image? I think not.

Catholic and Protestant Marriage
If you haven't married yet. I think its very smart to search out and find a spouse that has similar beliefs as you. It could save a lot of angst in the relationship and it is much better for future children not to be torn between two faiths or between a believer and non-believer. One should also ask a lot of questions while dating and know what you are looking for. I was straight up with my wife while dating and explained to her that i was looking for a wife that would attend church with me and grow in faith together. that appealed to her and she embraced it and we ended up marrying.

Is There Eternal Security
We are eternally secure.
David the psalmist, speaking prophetically of the future grace to be bestowed on us wrote "blessed is he whose sins are not imputed to him".

Romans 8:1 "therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in christ jesus"

Hebrews chapter 8 - "I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and there sins and their lawless deeds i will remember no more."
Praise God!

Rapture Of The Church
one of the reasons I believe in pre trib rapture is the subject of imminency. we are told to wait and be on guard for no man knows the hour that god comes, and he will come like a thief in the night. most christians would easily recognize if they were in the 7 year tribulation period and thus know that god was coming very shortly.which would make warnings of imminency not true. Also, I Thes 5:9 says he did not appoint us to wrath. We are Jesus' bride and he will not make us suffer seven or even 3.5 years of wrath before the marriage supper of the lamb. like Lot and Noah we will be spared. jesus said before he comes it will be like the days of noah.

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