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Blasphemy Against Holy Ghost
In interpreting this passage,the context must be borne in mind and so with most scriptures.This is the general opinion of most Bible scholars and I agree with it."The sin spoken of seems to have been that of malignantly ascribing to Satan what was known to be the work of the Spirit of God...but blasphemy, or impious speaking against the Holy Spirit was to have no forgiveness: i.e. when the person obstinately attributed those works to the devil, which he had the fullest evidence could be wrought only by the Spirit of God. That this, and nothing else, is the sin against the Holy Spirit, is evident from the connection in this place, and more particularly from Mr 3:28-30".See also Lk12:10,Mt12:31

Alcohol Rehab Treatments
Alcohol addiction can be requires a lot of prayer and dilligence. I know of a friend who was a member of a cult in school and was addicted to so many things including women,alcohol,drugs,killing, and so on. But when Christ saved him,his testimony reads that since then(eight years now),he has never gone back to any of such vices,never slept with a woman,never took drugs,never went back to alcochol..and he is now a pastor of a fast growing ministry. God can change us if we submit to Him. He works miracles! Stay away from people who drink and the places they drink and pray and submit to God.Surround yourself with a lot of good christians.It helps a lot.

Relationships After Divorce
Jesus Christ our Lord kicks so much against divorce.A man is only allowed to divorce his wife on the grounds of unchastity which I beleive means infidelity.On this basis,I think a woman too is free to have a decent relationship after she is divorced instead of living in burning passion.I will get you th erelevant bible passages and more info.

Tactics Of Satan
I have witnessed a kind of dormancy and stagnation in my life which is attributable to satanic attack. Staying continually in God's presence,studying HIS words and declaring HIS will to my life and destiny were immensely helpful to my liberation.You cannot be charged up with God's word and spirit and remain bound,not possible! That is what you need!Whatever it takes,get charged up in the spirit!It does take some amount of sacrifice but it pays and becomes much easier and sweet later.

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