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Will The Rich Go To Heaven
Rhonda, I am appalled how you write such condescending and elitist remarks about the less fortunate on a CHRISTIAN forum. "Being poor is a choice"- would you make that statement to millions of starving CHILDREN in front of God?

You imply that rich people are extremely generous. Is this why the wealthiest 1% of Americans control 43% of the wealth, or why the top 20% control 93%? Or why many wealthy Africans live in $10+ million mansions while 77% in Africa live on less than $2 a day?

I asked a question which no one besides Nicholas dared to even consider:

"Do you think God believes the rich have actually worked hard enough to DESERVE their millions and billions, in a world where so many are starving?"

Will The Rich Go To Heaven
Does God believe that rich people have actually worked hard enough to deserve that much money, especially given that millions of His children have virtually nothing? If I had to bet my life on it, I'd guess that according to God's fair and uniform judgment, very few who have millions actually worked hard enough to deserve it.

Deep down, anyone can gauge (with reasonable accuracy) what God feels they truly deserve. If one's conscience tells them they don't deserve so much money, God EXPECTS them to donate a large fraction of what they don't need. A true Christian takes only what God feels he should have, rather than taking whatever he can get by exploiting the broken system, justifying it by saying it's legal.

Will The Rich Go To Heaven
Mark V, that is just the way I see it. Rich people INDIRECTLY harm hundreds or more with every mansion they buy, while rapists DIRECTLY harm one victim at a time. Besides the "indirect" vs. "direct" factor, the end result is the same to me: innocent victims end up suffering either way. Now, since rape is a heinous crime, I'm not going to say that rich people are worse than rapists.

But still, although rich people only harm others indirectly, the fact is that they do harm more people than almost anyone else. Donating $5 million and then spending $50 million on yourself is a net LOSS as far as helping people goes...a huge net loss. If you think you can convince me otherwise, feel free to try.

Will The Rich Go To Heaven
Samuel, I will forgive you for your ignorance, but did you realize that my comment was a SATIRE of Mark V.'s original comment? Mark V. seeks to absolve rich people of any responsibility in the unnecessary deaths of the poor:

"Concerning those who die, their time is up on the calender of God."

Perhaps you did realize that, but you just have double standards like every single capitalist out there. I strongly suspect this is the case. You have a right to buy a 10 million dollar house and "enjoy" it with your family, but 100 poor people do not even have the right to have their family members alive, because in order to save their lives, you may have to move to a $250,000 house, which you won't do.

Will The Rich Go To Heaven
Mark, let me condone rapists in the ridiculous way that you condone rich people.

"Mark, you are still profiling rapists. We all lust after arbitrary people, just some go much further than others. It's not that rapists wish to violate or harm anyone...they just cannot control their sexual desires. Concerning those who get raped, it is their fate in the eyes of God. Possibly, if rapists controlled themselves, no innocent victims would be violated in such a horrific way, but that is only if these victims weren't destined to be raped

Interestingly, rapists can only harm 1 person at a time, but rich people harm hundreds with every mansion they buy.

Will The Rich Go To Heaven
No one needs to speculate on what rich people do with their money. Their residences, means of transportation, and haircuts tell enough of the story.

Donna, you asked me what I do with my money? Here's a hint: if every rich person was content with being able to spend 50 times the money I spend, there would be few or none starving in the world today. And I am willing to bet my life that few rich people, if any, have worked literally FIFTY TIMES HARDER than I have.

As far as heaven: Ignoring Others' Needs to Satisfy Your Greed...that doesn't sound like heaven-worthy behavior to me...

Will The Rich Go To Heaven
Mark, here's a little statistic for you, verify it if you don't believe me. If the richest 10% of Americans collectively gave up just one-third of their wealth (which would still leave them with millions and billions), they could do as much as the remaining 90% can do with ALL their money.

Cost-benefit analysis: If a middle-class family were to sacrifice EVERY fun thing that costs money, they could save maybe a few lives at best...AND their own lives would be pretty depressing. But if a rich family of 4 were to give up their $2 million dollar house and move to a $500,000 house, they could literally save hundreds of lives. And in most parts of the country, they would STILL have more space in the house than they can use for 4 people.

Will The Rich Go To Heaven
Donna66, I forgot to say something important. The problem with 99% of rich people is that they are completely unwilling to SACRIFICE any of their frivolous luxury goods in order to save lives or ease the suffering of others. Of course, almost everyone in this world (except for sadists) would gladly help others in need as long as they don't have to give up anything to do it. In fact, it is human nature to get lots of satisfaction out of helping people. What bothers me is that probably less than 5% of people out there would give up a mansion or a Ferrari in order to save a mother of 5 who has CURABLE cancer.

Will The Rich Go To Heaven
It seems like Donna66 missed the point. Do you realize that even if someone who makes a billion per year donates $900 million annually, the other $100 million/year that they are keeping for themselves can only be used to satisfy their FRIVOLOUS material whims instead of helping thousands MORE people?

In other words, thousands of people are indirectly condemnded to die or suffer as a result of ONE rich person keeping $100 million instead of $100,000 per year (which is still more than 90% of the population has) for themselves. Whether or not God would be okay with that, you decide.

Will The Rich Go To Heaven
I don't think anyone who chose to buy a mansion instead of feeding 100 starving people for life can go to heaven. I don't think someone can go to heaven if they chose to buy a mansion instead of devoting that money towards medical care for our brothers, wives, daughters, and father with curable diseases.

Nothing more to say

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