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Third Online Date Not Working
It is very hard to find somebody online. The reason is that it is very easy to write a letter, to talk on phone, but it is going to be very hard to talk with the same person in real life. You feel that you told him everything on line, and you are empty. Some people are not even serious. Take care of yourself. Let it be as God wants it to be. Don't hurry things. Once you learn how to slow down you will see that things are going to fasten up by themselves, and you will feel God in it too. Moses needed 40 years to just see the Holy Land, He couldn't enter it.

Mother And I are Yelling
Whatever happens in life, it is just your parents who are going to help you without conditions. I am telling you this now as I am 34 and not so long time ago I was in the same place, we were yelling to each other and we never listened to each other. Think about the fect that we never know how long can we be together. Don't spend your life yelling. Spend it in a way that you won't regret. As a mother now I can see that there is the age difference too that causes yelling and disagreament. If you pray, God will answer and strengten you.

Dad Died Of Aids And I Am Mad
Dear child, to be angry is the nature of man. But don't be angry with him. God punished him. You could be a big help for your mother who might need you. Pray and ask God to help you to handle your anger. I am shure God will help you to finish your school. May God be with you.

Will A Rude Man Marry Me
Please ask God to help you in relationships. You can't be so desparate that you would marry him just because you want to have somebody. If God is with you, you are never alone. Wait and pray, don't marry this guy. If he is rude now, how is he going to be later, how is he going to be with your children? Does he realy know Jesus?

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