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I Don't Understand The Bible Well
The Holy Spirit baptism will do more for your Bible reading than any human ever could. Read the Word for yourself, the eyes of your understanding will be opened. Discernment will come, you'll recognise truth from false. Holy Spirit will give you immediate recall for a particular Scripture you need. Study books, helps written without God's inspiration are simply more books you'll leave on the shelf.
Dependence on other people's opinions, not studying the Word for yourself, growth will be slow.

I Don't Understand The Bible Well
I'm not big on reading more books to understand the Bible. The Holy Spirit is the best teacher you'll ever have. More opinions, 1000's, interpreting scripture differently brings even more confusion. Jesus is the Word. If you know Jesus, He can interpret His Word better than anyone on the face of the earth.
Do you know Jesus, do you know the Holy Spirit, do you know the Father? The Father gives good gifts to His children, and the Holy Spirit is the best gift that Jesus Christ sent us.

Still Living In This World
I have the impression a "tongue talking" Christian did not ask this question.
Why, because those who do not believe in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit just expect this kind of emotionalism..
On the contrary, I am less moved by emotions and feelings. The older you are in Christ, the less you gauge anything by feelings.
Catholics should not feel so persecuted. Believers in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit are picked on as much. Although, Jesus will have the last Word about it.

What Are Baptists
That was one mean joke, SLC.

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