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Am I A Prophet Of God
Michelle- you are a blessing to me. The things you've said ring true. I want to thank you so much for your time and effort. It's good to be able to come here and come away with encouragement and support. May the Lord bless you to overfilling your cup!

Am I A Prophet Of God
Michelle- I'll gladly submit to whatever word you think will suffice. In the five fold ministry, pastors are still pastors, evangelists, missionaries (apostles) etc. When it comes to the word "prophet" lots of folks say that there is no longer a need, because we have the Holy Spirit, but then how do we explain its inclusion in the list?
(Ephesisans) Is it indeed a hidden ministry?

Am I A Prophet Of God
I live in a town of 3,500 people. When I say there is no opportunity, I mean that during most services, any interuption is seen as a disruption. I have done things in a very obedient and submissive way- Ihave always submitted any Word I have received to the pastor, and if he or she deems it unworthy, I leave it be. I don't speak over the sheep unless I have permission from the pastor. The Glory belongs to God, and I am of no account, and never will be.

Am I A Prophet Of God
The Lord has recently directed me to attend The University of Christian Leadership, and he has paved the way both financially and in terms of time in order for me to do so. I am far from perfect, but I have an intense hunger to learn the will of God inmy life. The cost of this discipleship is someting I embrace. However, I am downright base in my human state, just like everyone else.

Am I A Prophet Of God
I do not feel called to start my own church, but I do notice others doing so because the church proper has failed them miserably, and my heart goes out to these wounded warriors.I should like to belong to a church that supplies accountability, that preaches Jesus crucified and Risen. But this is a thing of the past.

Am I A Prophet Of God
Michelle- thanks for your response. I should have clarified. I don't openly use the title, and use it here only because I need help. Some pastor's have recognized the Word of God coming out of my mouth, and have taken heed. Others think I am voicing some kind of personal opinion, and when I simply say that the Holy Spirit spoke through me, they freak out. Then they seek to make it about me rather than the prophecy itself. (cont)

Am I A Prophet Of God
I know that some of these trials are allowed by God because I need to learn a lot, and it's the kind of thing you have to experience with God. But even Elijah ran away, afraid of Jezebel. I guess I just wonder how others deal with it all.

Churches Weigh People Down
I have not found love in the church proper, but I have found it on the streets- that is, Wounded Warriors who have no place to rest their heads. No church home. But as dedicated and faithful as they come. To me this is the true Body. And it speaks volumes regarding the state of the "Church"

Pastor Has Bad Habits
A church cannot operate without support. If we continue to tithe to churches that are clearly not preaching the truth in love then we enable them to continue. It is time to send the Pharisees a message that they WILL hear. Otherwise they twist the Word to justify themselves, regardless of the Truth.

Mega Church Pastor Salaries
I have seen pastors ignore the poor when they join a church. So folks, try this on for size- I tithe to the Voice of the Martyrs monthly, and any church I visit isn't going to be able to size me up for tithes, because unless a pastor proves him/herself true and earns my trust, they are not going to see a nickle from me. If Jesus isn't there, neither am I.

Why Are Some Pastors Lazy
jhonny- you're right- laziness does morph into cowardice aweful quick. But we aren't without recourse. We can always contact the district offices of a denomination and explain to them why you are pulling away from the local church, and mention the pastor's name. If they are Pharisees, they won't respond, but if they do respond then you have something to work with. It's one way of testing the waters.

Do As Jesus Would Do
Jesus said, render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and unto God what is God's. This means, pay your taxes, and your tithes. This doesn't conflict with what we do as a church today. But also be aware of wolves in sheep's clothing.

Am I A Prophet Of God
Michelle- help! What if you are a prophet of God and there are no other prophets to submit yourself to? Can a Pharisee rightly judge a prophet? He who is spiritual is judged rightly by no one. Then what do you do? What if you are run off by religious leaders before the prophey time test is fulfilled?God help us.

Prevent Bible Prophecy
The book of Judges shows us that man is incapable of ruling himself. The further our nation moves away from the foundations of our founding fathers, the closer we are to the disasterous results shown in Judges. Will there be any of faith when He returns? In the days of Noah, he found 8.

Are There Prophets Today
The double -edged sword of the Word includes both logos and rhema- what is written on the page for us and that which operates through us by the Holy Spirit. The sword discerns the heart. It can either cut you to shreds, or be used to determine good from evil for our benefit. If your heart isn't right with God, He determines the oucome for you.

Boyfriend Says Church Is Boring
There is really no such thing as a "good" person. The apostle Paul told us that there was no good thing in him- or us for that matter. Being well-behaved doesn't mean you are right with God. But going to church isn't what saves you either. Accepting Jesus into the heart is the first step- without that, marriage between a believer and an unbeliever is highly discouraged in the Word.

Argue Or Worship God
Praise the Lord! King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Ruler of Righteousness, Master of Mercy! Oh How I love Him! That is my God,lover of my soul, best Friend, Daddy! Rejoice my brothers and sisters!

Disapproving Of Tongue Speaking
Andrea is correct about the abuse of gifts, and how they can disrupt a service, rather than enhance our worship. But just because there's a bad apple here and again doesn't mean we should quench the Spirit.I know some are confused by the whole concept, but God isn't. He can handle it and we can be guided by it.

Do You Weekly Attend Church
Andrea- I so WISH I had a church like yours. I know what you mean about power hungry in-charge types. We have a United Pentecostal church in town but it's very legalistic and downright stifling, led by a pastor who treats the congregation like a bunch of criminals, and not in love. Help!

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