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I Want Some Christian Friends
Thank you for your inquiry. I am also looking for a christian friend. Mind if I can be one of your friends?



Are Women Preachers Scriptural
That is the question I am asking. I would alos like someone to explain me Math 28v19> Are these verses only for men or women? Is half the verse for women ie. the teaching part...what about the baptizing part? Does this Great Commission verse apply only to men?

Prayer Used With A Bible
imagine i'm a youngster. I didn't receive the doll i asked for because i used too many words to request the gift or requesting it in writing i mispelled words or used bad grammar? Think we can be analytical as that with God, too, when we try to figure out why God sometimes doesn't give us what we ask for in prayer because we don't pray His will? I think God is lovingly, laughing with us right now thinking how silly we can be. We are in good Hands! How can He fail us when we're His kids? Agnes

Prayer Used With A Bible
i beleive reading the Bible helps me to know God's will more and then that helps me to pray more effectively and also helps me understand a little bit more why the answers to my prayers are yes, no or wait. God's timing is right on schedule. Maybe if i pray for something according to His will i may not get it answered because it's not the right timing

Should We Pray To Saints
"Pray to the saints" I mean dead saints. We pray directly to out loving Father in the name of Jesus Christ. James (5:13-16 advices us also to ask prayers of alive saints. Only J.C. at the right hand of God, can intercede for us from heaven. God bless you Jack & Paul.

Should We Pray To Saints
People pray to the saints because they do not know they can go directly to Jesus Christ. This should be a challenge or incentive to witness about the love and power of our living God. Remember James advice. James 5:13-16. Be kind to the people who do not know God.

Lifting Of Hands In Your Church
I lift my hands in total surrender to God and I close my eyes as I sing praise or worship songs. The songs is for Him so you concentrate while singing and seems natural to lift your hands to give Him your adoration, honor and respect. The Holy Spirit is always present during singing. Singing is other form of prayer. agnes6677

Signs For Christian Living
We cannot judge whether a person is really a Christian. Only God can judge us. A Christian attends a fellowship as God created social human beings to be in a family and fellowship. We join the bible studies, prayer meetings and cooperate with other church activities. Man was created to worship God and should live according to His Word. We should be Christlike and because we are still in this Planet Earth, we are not perfect so we still have weaknesses Christians should abide in His Word. agnea6677

Question For Catholics Only
God spoke to Balaam through a donkey...he might speak to you through an unsigned letter.

Husband's Wife Wants My Kids
Beloved Sister. I do not know how your belief is, but I would never advise anyone to see lawyers as long as they belief in Jesus. He is our lawyer and will stand in for us no matter what. John 10:10 The thief has only come to steal, to kill and to destroy. I once lost my baby when she was only 6 months old. It was terrible, but at the age of 6 she "my daughter" went to a social worker and demanded to see me. And I got her back. Thanks God. Nothing is impossible for God. You can write to my personal address and I will tell you everything in detail. I will pray for you. God bless you.

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