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God Wakes Me Up
For over 40 years now God has been waking me up at night to pray ... it doesn't happen every night, but most nights it does ... quite often, God will come and gently shake my shoulder ... I've come to know his touch now, so I know its Him ... I'll ask Him,"Who would you like me to pray for?" and He always answers ... sometimes when I sleep, I dream of people I've never met, and the next day I will see them ... God is rising up a remnant of "sons of thunder" watchmen who are sold out with a lifestyle of transformative intercession

Restrooms In Heaven
What brand of toilet paper is available in heaven?

Why Remarry After Divorce
Because they have been falsely taught that God approves remarriage after a divorce.
Jesus spoke to this that Moses permitted hardhearted Israelite men to divorce their wives, and for those wives to marry another. He went on to say, "But I say unto you ..."
This "but" is vitally important. As is the phrase "I say unto you ..."
Only in the case of a husband learning that his wife was a fornicator before they were married is the marriage annullable.

To Many People To Be Fruitful
If there was no death how would Adam & Eve understand God's warning "you will surely die"--1st Cliff

Well there may have been death before Adam and Eve..Adam and eve were created to work the land they came into being in Genesis Cpt 2, Man and woman had already been created in Genesis Cpt 1. There could have been death in those people, who knows....

Can I Remarry Due To Adultery
You must remain single dear, but your reward will be in heaven, you cannot be selfish and lead another an to sin. Jesus was very clear when he said, Matthew 5:32 whosoever shall marry her that is divorced committeth adultery.
It is the marriage that is the adultery

Baptism Needed For Salvation
Baptism is not needed, belonging to an established church is not needed, being born again is not needed. Remember the criminal on the cross at the side of Jesus, instant salvation.

Should Christians Take Loans
LUKE12:24 consider the ravens, don't sow down reap God cares for them, matthew 19:21,Mark10:21,luke 18:22, sell all, give to the poor, treasure in heaven. Romans 13:8 No debt. Christians obey Christ Acts 4:34-35... for as many as were possessors of lands or houses sold them, and brought the prices of the things that were sold,and laid them down at the apostles' feet: and distribution was made unto every man according as he had need.Acts5:1-10 punnishment when a couple held back proceeds..

Clearly Christ does not want His disciples to be property owners, this place is not their home

Can Christians choose what verses do not suit their lifestyle? What sort of a testimony is it, if one makes a materialistic worldly lifestyle choice?

God Wakes Me Up
God wakes me up by shutting a door. It's like I have been with him all night and when it is time to get up the door shuts and I wake up. Another way He awakes me is with a bird singing a song. I never need an alarm clock to get up. I don't use them anylonger.

Church Use Of Your Tithe
It seems that we are so concerned about denominations, and giving money and services to the Pastor that there is a cover on the real problem. That problem is hurt. We have been hurt by those who call themselves Christ like people, the Church. I feel that the church, as a whole, should apoligize to each person that has been hurt whether inside or outside of it's walls. This will allow those who are hurt to forgive the Church and to get forgiveness from God. Jesus did not come here to teach doctrine but to call sinners to repentance. He was all about love and the Church is filled with people just like us, looking for the right way and hoping for a love break through.

What Does 666 Mean
Christianity is decidedly the "minority" when compared to the combined total of all other beliefs, unbeliefs, religions, etc., around the world. This fact refers to the statement of the "many" and the "few" as recorded in the Bible (Matt.7:13-14).
This is only one of a number of references to confirm what 666 means, and that is the "majority" (.666%)of mankind, as opposed to the "minority" referred to in (Zec.13:8-9).
To answer the question, YES, the number
"666" has relevence to Christianity.

Caught My Husband Cheating
A pastor? You don't have to rely on a pastor, a pastor will probably take advantage of a vulnerable woman too. It bugs me that these religious freaks always bring religion into the picture.

Nancy Pelosi Speaker Of House
Mary, I think you are quoting Hillary Clinton and how she feels about women. By the way, Hillary Clinton is VERY liberal.

Use Only One Blog Name
Hey kids's! God bless from all of me!

Can I Be A Fairy Godmother
God didn't create false religion either. Pour scorn? give us a break here Alan. God does not recognize the title of godparent! That's what's this is all about, right? If someone wants to take responsibility for nurturing a child in the Lord, great and I incourage that But please don't play that bleeding heart violin with us. Your making an argument where there should not be one. Drop it, it's not edifying to have you spouting FALSE acusations!

Can I Be A Fairy Godmother
I don't know how exactly it works in the United Kingdom, but here in the US most people who become godparents don't bring their godchildren to Christ. They just give them gifts and if a godchild's parents dies sometimes, if arranged in advance, they take care of them. Really, like I said God doesn't recognize the title of godparent. If you would like to carry this further and make a dispute out of it I can.

Can I Be A Fairy Godmother
Alan, I didn't mean it meant nothing to the people involved. I meant that it really was meaningless in God's eyes. There is nothing in God's word that says that we should have Godparents. They are just not needed. I know it's hard to tell in writing but I meant no disrespect.

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