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Differences Of Modern Religions
"Darwinism is just one of many theories of evolution. Ever hear of Lamarckianism or punctuated equilibrium?"

Ever hear of Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny?

Meats To Lower Cholesterol
There are several good points. Avoid meat as a rule and if you are going to eat meat choose the less fatty meats. Red beef for example in most cases is very fatty whereas buffalo isn't.

Obama's Plan To Soak The Rich
StrongAxe, if you truly believe taxing or taking money out of the economy will create jobs and prosperity, not be disrespectful to you either, but solving math problems is not your strength either. The first course in college economics would prove your statement as being incorrect. It's simple math.

Obama's Plan To Soak The Rich
Rob not be disrespectful, but solving math problems is not your strength. One needs to look at the two percent to solve the problem not the 100 percent. The two percent in the top bracket are mostly successful business people whom own small business of 50 people or less. These small business owners are doctors, lawyers, and hundreds of other types of small business owners. As a mentioned before, these people lay people off and/or spend less money on other goods that keep people employed. There is no free lunch. Economics 101 states higher taxes equals an economic slowdown which causes people to lose jobs.

Confess Affair To Future Husband
That's a good one Cluny. I bet that helped the blogger when you attempted to be funny.

Confess Affair To Future Husband
How do you think your future husband would react to that news? My guess is that during your marriage he would always be second guessing you when times are tough.

Obama Causes Poverty Increases
Economics 101 states that lower taxes increases overall economic activity. Again as previously pointed out a large corporation CEO is not the same thing as the local CEO of a small business of 50 people or less. Individual taxes don't hurt the corporations, but instead damage the small business owner who in turn will hire less people. I don't know what else to tell you other than that's how economics works. Obama is proposing to tax the rich business owner who has the small business. Obama is not proposing to increase taxes on the corporations. Corporations and people are not the same.

Obama Causes Poverty Increases
Sounds like we are in agreement. However, Obama is proposing to increase taxes on the rich not the large corporations. At the same time if he taxes the large corporations too much, more of their jobs will go overseas as the CEOs attempt to please the stockholders with a reasonable profit. The USA is in a terrible financial condition and increasing taxes at the wrong time is exactly what deepened the Great Depression.

Obama Causes Poverty Increases
Trish you are confusing the rich with large corporations. Large corporations have sent jobs overseas not your small local business owner who has less than 50 employees. Employment increased during the Bush years not decreased, just the opposite of what is happening now.

Obama Causes Poverty Increases
I agree with you Trish that is a fair comment. My concern is that things are going to get even worse for the poor once Obama increases taxes on the rich whom create the jobs for the poor. Obama doesn't seem to understand basic economic principles that you don't tax during economic downturns. At least wait until the economy turns around before increasing taxes. Otherwise, the poor get clobbered.

Martin Luther Loved Mary
Jerald, unless you are an minister in Latin America, you are the one that is working off of assumptions. Yes, the Vatican approves of the Mary worship as the Bishops and Priests are not corrected.

Belief In God And Darwin
Jerry, as you are stating one can't believe both in the Bible and evolution. Even if I was not a Christian, I couldn't believe in evolution as it is the silliest theory out there. To think for example that an eyeball just slowly formed over millions of years. How silly. Hilter loved the theory of evolution as it laid the ground work to kill millions of Jews, blacks and retarded people. Since according to evolution these were the lowest life forms of humans and slowed down the evolution of mankind.

Most Christians truly don't understand what the Bible or Darwin have to say about creation. If they did, Christians would understand that Darwin's theory is totally crazy to the max.

Book Of Mormon Extra Biblical
HappyLDS, Jesus Christ has no brother as Jesus Christ always was. Satan is a created being. Do you believe that Jesus Christ is a created being like Satan or that Jesus and God are One as the scripture states?

Book Of Mormon Extra Biblical
HappyLDS, I have read the Book of Mormon and witness to LDS folks. The major theme of the Book is good people turn white and bad people turn black. This is further backed up in practice by the LDS when they DID NOT allow blacks to join the priesthood until 1978. Either you have not read the Book of Mormon and know about the 1978 ruling or you are lying? Which is it?

Book Of Mormon Extra Biblical
I would call the Book of Mormon a poor message which mostly states that good people turn white and bad people turn black. The Book of Mormon is a racist book. Blacks were not even allowed into the Mormon priesthood until 1978 because of the color of their skin. Racism is the missing message from the Bible according to Mormons? Wow!

Can Demons Process People
Have you ever waited in a long line at a store? Maybe the title is OK?

Used A Structured Settlement
Why don't you consider getting a job if you are able so you don't need the money now. In the meantime go get professional advice.

Husband's Mid Life Crisis
It's time to get joint Christian counseling.

Oil Spill In The Ocean
Didn't BP come out and say that they are going to start paying the claims much quicker now?

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