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Did Jesus Ever Get Sick
Why do we my self included allow the enemy to attack us diseases and illnesses? We know the Jesus can heal any kind of disease or illness but yet many christians live under the curse of the 1st adam. Its time we start seeing hospitals beds empty because christians are healing the sick.

Did Jesus Ever Get Sick
I find it hard to believe that Jesus could become ill. If sickness if from the fall and Jesus is 100% God, 100% Holy etc.. how could illness, diseases attack him? Where ever Jesus went the kingdom of God went w/him. There is no sickness in Gods realm therefore how could any form of illness take root in him?

Am I A Materialistic Person
You deserve more. My wife says the same thing to me. And she is right. And ecard should be the bare minimum. Your husband should value you and cherish you, which means giving beyond just a card. Just because you are on a budget does not mean he has to be cheap.

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