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How Can I Save My Marriage
My husband I have been married for nearly two years.I am 8 months pregnant with our first child.He works out of town, so it is hard on our marriage.He has backslkdden. He told me two weeks ago that he was only with me because I was pregnant, that he didn't love me, that he despised me, he blames me for where he is spiritually, he has no desire to make it work.We have been separated since then. I found out last night that he met a woman on a chat line.I believe that God can save my marriage,i'm just so scared that I will have to raise our child alone.I have been praying for him and myself.He won't even give it a second chance.I'm trying to focus on the Lord, but it is so difficult when all I can think about is how he left me. Please help.

Is Bariatric Surgery Wrong
For some people bariatric surgery would be wrong, however for others bariatric surgery may be an option. Pray and fast about it and seek the will of God.

My Son Is Cutting His Arms
he cuts himself because he feels like noone cares.(at least when I was 15 i cut myself) or he is under stress

Is There Proof Of Heaven
Hey, the only thing we know is that our soul has to go somewhere when we pass away. When God died, he wanted us to beleive there is a heaven because he wants us to follow him and go live in his kingdom. If you want to beleive there is a heaven, then there is, but if not, then that's on your fault. God wants us to beleive the best.

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