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God Told Me Who To Marry
I to had a dream about my future husband and I believe it. What I saw in the vision wasn't something I could have done on my own. I even spoke to a friend and asked her how she met her husband and how did she know he was the one. She told me God showed her a man and it was like someone typed " you will marry him" in her head, and she their still married

Why Do Christians Judge Divorced
I am also divorced and felt like I was being judged at my former church. I felt like I was looked upon like I had a scarlet letter branded on my chest instead of a breastplate of rightousness. Some of those men with their ego problems apparently thought I was lusting after them, and not realizing it, by just being friendly I could have opened myself up for criticism. How ridiculous because they weren't the type I would have looked twice at in the first place. I was led to another Bible-Believing church that is supportive. Brothers and sisters in Christ are supposed to be Christ-like and church should be a place of healing...and a safe haven, not a place for more hurt. I am glad Jesus will ultimately do the judging and not a group of Baptists!

Abortion Doctor Was Killed
I'd like to know what kind of church would put such a spin on the gospel that they would accept a serial murderer like this unrepenitant abortion doctor into their membership in the first place? And for those who claim to be Christian (followers of Christ) and say abortion is ok, I'd like to know if you could be involved with one with Jesus standing right beside you? And I'd also like to know if your being a fetus in the past made you any less of a person? The man who murdered the Dr was wrong to do so and take things into his own hands.

The Meanings of Jehovah
I am interested in knowing the meanings of Jehovah Jireh ect

Overweight Female Relative
I used to work for a doctor who specialized in weight problems. Morbid obesity can indeed cause cleanliness issues. My doctor had great compassion for the morbidly obese, teaching them how to lie down and clean carefully in the folds of their skin where it is moist and often harbors bacteria that cause odors. This person needs all our prayers but she also needs our understanding. Jesus loves her as much as he loves any of us.

Need Help For A Bad Memory
I just found this website searching for help with forgetfulness. I am 23 and just started my first year of teaching and there is so much to remember. I have been so upset with myself everyday because I keep forgetting very important things and have been praying every night that God will help me, but still have not found a solution. I am wondering if teaching is what God wants me to do. I know there IS an answer, and thanks be to God that I have access to Christian support. Thank you & God Bless!

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