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USA Martial Law
I have read a number of these blogs and it is very difficult to read much that could possibly represent goodness, human or otherwise, or principles that could be characterized as christian.

Most of the claims and declarations are fractured and deformed shadows of reality, baseless innuendos and some are simply lies.

Could any Believer read some these comments and conclude that the writer has any functional concept of rightness or wrongness? The fact is, could any reasonable person read some of these fanciful assertions and recognize anything Godly or fair about them?

The virtues of goodness, fairness, truthfulness, grace and personal integrity are still very needful values for any man or woman, in any forum.

Should We Attack Syria

Your interpretation of the christian crusades to the Middle East is very interesting.

You seem to be saying that the Muslims, Middle Eastern christians and Arabs who have lived nowhere else but the Middle East, invaded their own countries and therefore, European christians had to leave Europe to slaughter them in their own homes and in their own cities.

While you are making reference to context, perhaps, as a well-read man, you would take another dispassionate look at the history of Western Europe and USA, the centers of the christian world and note the almost continuous religious and convenient wars within their respective regions and the world.

True context does allow for better understanding.

Should We Attack Syria

Here is a verifiable fact. Christians have lived within Muslim societies for hundreds of years before America was ever a nation. Yet, it was European christians who initiated Crusades against the Muslim people.

Here is a modern day illustration. Jews lived in Iraq for many centuries until the Americans destroyed Iraq, in 2003 -... and did what they have always done, in order to to seize control, and institute division and divisiveness as virtues.

Shira, here is a little assignment for you. Before 2001, compare the crime rates and the murder rates of middle eastern countries with those of the USA and feel free to publish the results.

Should We Attack Syria

Undoubtedly, there are many things that I have failed to understand. However, stating the empirical facts should not be perceived as "bashing". Is the information factually verifiable? If the answer is yes, then that is that!

The evidence of sin is relentlessly with us. That cannot be the issue.

All nations have done remarkable evil in the world. Yet, one nation and people, above all others, have persistently claimed a position of moral rectitude that is superior to all others. Amazingly and consistently, the record of this super nation, in many instances, is exponentially worse than some of the nations that are condemned.

Inconvenient facts should not a valid reason for vitriolic verbiage.

Should We Attack Syria

Surprising as it may appear to some, Christians have lived peacefully within Muslim communities, in Syria and other nations with major Muslim populations, for centuries before there was ever a country called the USA.

The idea of a "just war" is the cruel construct of the super, killer nations to excuse their pillaging and killing sprees, across the world.

The use of chemical weapons is not abhorrent to America and Americans. America has a long tradition of using chemical weapons. World wars I and II, the Korean war and the Vietnam war are some examples. Of course, the USA still possesses the largest stockpile of weapons of mass destruction, in the world.

And from whom did Iraq get chemical weapons, in 1988?

Should We Attack Syria
In the last 70 years, name a war of any significance, in any part of the world, in which America was not supplying the weapons, directing one and or the direct involvement.

The amazing thing is, most Americans seem to think that America has been trying to make peace. No one seems willing to see the billion-dollar arms sales, the plundering of the natural resources and the control of those governments as the usual outcomes from those bloody forays across the world.

The sanitized, filtered and often repeated versions of history mask the true identity of a remarkable nation and people who have continued to disguise their killing sprees and plundering raids in the apparently benign garb of peace and freedom.

Should We Attack Syria
Would it be accurate to state that since the end of World War II that Americans have killed tens of millions of men, women and children, in various countries, across the globe?

Moreover, would it be true that the Americans have invaded more countries than any other single country on earth?
Which country spends more on war and the preparations for war than all other countries combined?

Finally, would it be true to say that more than one hundred years after the founding of America that less than 30% of its citizens were allowed to vote, in nation elections?

I am trying to understand the present-day claims that American was founded by Godly men who conducted their affairs by the principles of the Bible.

Support Israel Or Hamas
As far as can be determined Israel is a nation and Hamas is a political organization. If I were to ask: which do you support, Canada or the republican party, in the US? What answer could any reasonable person give?
Here are a few categorical statements. I oppose any entity that occupies other peoples land. I oppose any entity that imprisons and kills children. Finally, I oppose any entity that thinks that the occupied people must accept occupation with resistance, by any means.

More importantly, I know that The God who created this universe also opposes any injustice and is against those who perpetrate and support such injustices

Life Before Creation
An essential attribute of The God, The Creator of the universe, is absolute knowledge. That is, His knowledge is not learned knowledge or knowledge acquired through our very limited understanding of the means of gaining knowledge. And indeed, Gods knowledge is not simply comprehensive or is made better with the passage of time. God knows every detail about everything, before anything was created!

And even in stating that reality, our minds find great difficulty in managing the notions of absoluteness and infiniteness. Yet, by purely inadequate and inappropriate human speech, God is absolute in every way!

Rape Pregnancies God's Will
The politician's comments are clearly nonsense, but it reflects a growing thought pattern among many who call themselves christian and republican. The truth is, the polician spoke what he knew many professing christians and supporters believe.

However, more importantly are the facts on the matter of rape. There are about 200,000 rapes committed in America every year. That means that more than 500 women are brutalized in the most horrendous way.

And amazingly, the society still presents itself as an example of virtue for the rest of the world! God help us!

Pro-Life And War
Mark V:

I am disappointed in you.

I have learnt my American history, in America and from good, christian Americans and American books.

Resorting to name-calling as those who are not able to pursue an issue reasonably and factually is functioning less than your best self.

From you, I expected solid reason, contrary facts and thoughtfulness. That is far more helpful than unnecessary appellation and extreme references.

That is disappointing!

History does not have to be pleasant. It is what it is!

Pro-Life And War
Mark v:

I know that this is difficult for you, but do this.

In the last 70 years, name the countries that America has freed and compare the number of countries invaded and number of people killed, for the same time period.

And while you are doing that, please define freedom? And please think dispassionately about the idea and the experience of freedom, in America, today.

And all of this must be viewed in the context that within that same 70 years, tens of millions of American citizens were not free, in America?

Pro-Life And War
Patricia, your statement:"This great nation the USA that was founded on the word of God" Suggested that you do not realize that more than one-third of the American population were slaves and were enclosed on reservations. And those millions of people were not considered nor treated as human beings. And wonderful statements like, "We hold that all men are created equal" obviously did not apply to the millions of blacks and Indians within the country, the USA.

I believe that God's standards and His expectations of those who claim faith in Him are much loftier and are never discriminatory, on the basis of race.

Pro-Life And War
"The reason you have freedom is because many have died for you".

So, if I lived in Canada, Iceland or New Zealand, would I be as free since those countries are not known for their military, killing sprees?

"We (USA) don't take over other countries".

You just invade, occupy, kill and plunder.

"We (USA)are the biggest country in the world who stand for Freedom".

It would be more accurate to state that America is the loudest noise maker for freedom, but while it is making the freedom noise, its own citizens are not free, and of course, the killing sprees and the plundering have never stopped. It is a good ploy.

Mark V:
All of the above quotes are your words.

Is China A King Of The East
I read the comments on this question and not one comment expressed sympathy, empathy or even the recognition of our common humanity with the Chinese people.

Additionally, it is very ineteresting that western christians and those who are taught by western christians, exclude all western nations from God's punishment. And as one commnent stated that God will punish wrong doing, in China. The suggest is that God will exempt western europe and America's killing sprees and destructive rampages across the world.

The truth is, God is not an American and He is not a western european. Moreover, God is just and His justice is not influenced geography or religious profession.

Pro-Life And War
Instead of calling me names, I would like to suggest that you take your history books and name any four-year period that America was not in a military conflict, in the last 70 years.

In addition, list the countries that America has invaded and count the number of deaths that have been caused by those invasions. When that is done, compare that record with any country you choose.

Let us see what freedom is.

Every means of communication is monitored, every dollar spent is known by the government, every move is observed, children are not safe in their own homes, much less so, outside of it, and all public events and travel are subject to searches and criminal attack.

I would take another look at what freedom means.

Pro-Life And War
The history of America is one of a marauding force that kills and plunders, at will. Many may chose to ignore that bloodthirstiness, but it would very interesting if anyone could name a country that has invaded more countries and has killed more people than the USA, in the last 70 years.
Or name a country that has been in more military conflicts than the peace loving, USA. Further, name a country that has spent more on war and the preparations for war, while some of its ex-service men live in poverty than the USA.

When one speaks so loudly and so often about virtues, an attempt should, at least, be made to match the rhetoric with the action.

Pro-Life And War
Jed: There is no need to direct your vitriolic verbiage at me.

If a military carpet bombs a city, who do they intend to kill?

And if preserving and protecting life are the expressed objectives, how is it that tens of millions of men, women and children have been killed?

I would never describe myself as pro-this or pro-that. I am man, created by God, imbued with a magnificence that impels me to see magnificence in other people, even when their views differ from mine.

Since WWII, the American military has killed tens of millions of people and professing christians are the biggest supporters, in those killing sprees across the world.

Is that the example that Jesus set?

Pro-Life And War
In the eyes of those who call themselves pro-life, any disagreement with position, immediately cast the individual into the wrong.

Life is precious before it is born and it is should, at least, be as precious after it is born.

Ist Cliff, you raised a very relevant point: should professing christian be as passionate about the lives of the unborn as they are about the lives of the children and the adults that are already here?

And what would Jesus's position be? The Gospels have answered that last question in the most demonstrable positive fashion.

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