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Should I Approve An Atheist
I think that you should follow your heart. If you do not feel offended then you should interact with your daughter and in time love will concur atheism.
I have a nefew that is angry with his God fearing parents. He is 23 and now he is mad at all things religious. My brother was too hard on him and failed to show him the love of God in a way that would overwhelm all his doubts.
If on the other hand you feel offended, then you have the right in God's eyes to go the hard road. You can cut off the money and support but do not refuse your love. Your love will one day win her back. You must act in a manner which is consistant with your lifes worldview and understanding of scriptures of Christ.

In The Bible Do Angels Have Wings
is their really 4 ark angels that protect mankind or do humans relie on the prayers from their heart, GOD must have over trillon ears to hear prayers, and also have 60 trillon languages to hear us
HE is one Magnificent fellow
I hope and pray to HIM that our human life can start looking after Mother Earth as well as our Human resources, our people do not listen to the word of GOD, but listen to human, Our way of life will soon fade away and all human life will fade to exsist
Take a look at the beauty that HE has given us, Heavens and the stars, sun water Clouds rain, thunder, lightning, everything in this universe belong to HIM, including the Human race, give GOD credit for all this

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