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A Christian Surrogate Mother
I am surrogate mother. My decisions are based on God's leadership! I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is leading me to do this, otherwise I could never do it. It is a huge sacrifice of time and body and going through pain!! If God is telling you to do it, then do it!! There is nothing in the Bible that says we can't do it, not even the Sarah & Abraham story. God is God and who are we to say how He can use us? When we follow God's will, we will always face criticism from others, even other Christians. Count on it-that is in the Bible! You just do what God's leading you to do and if you do it, you, your IP's, and many others will be blessed and God will work!!! To me, it's a ministry and God's been working!

Cheated On My Wife
I think that you should indeed tell your wife. God would not want you to lie to your wife or keep this from her. If you are focusing on a Godly relationship with your wife, i think you should tell her. God Bless you as you do this.

Daughter OK With Hell
I am indeed, 13 years old. Just saying :).
I am definatley surprised by your daughters behavior. (not in a bad way) But, i think you should try and find why she feels this way. Talk to her all about being a christian and all the awesome things that reflect in good behavior of it. Tell her about How much God loves her and pray for her to work with God. Pray that she falls on her face before God and realizes what she did and said was wrong to do, and is closer with God than ever before!! AMEN!!

Demons Are In My House
"I pray that these demons leave her home, Father. In the name of Jesus Christ let these demons leave her home! I pray for her daughter, God. That her daughter's behavior can be simply remade and completely re-done into you, oh Father! In Jesus Name we pray, AMEN!"

There you go! A special prayer from me heart to yours!God Bless you and your family!

Husband Argues With Me
I know that it may be hard to argue over some things, i know it hurts a lot. But, also remember, In the Bible it says not to divorce! Try and talk things through with him. Maybe even try counseing at your local church. They can help! Pray to God and let him take care of it all. Give him all your pain and sorrow!!! Bless You!

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