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Can I Play Music In A Bar
My X played in night clubs on the weekends and in church on Sundays. He was always approached by many women and cheated on me. He had his own guidelines as far as being a Christian. Other than the promiscuity he was a good person. There's a conviction each one of us must follow as Christians.

Is Preteen Dating Appropriate
yes parents should allow these innocent crushes

Daughter OK With Hell
Talk to your daughter with an open heart. Do not judge nor condemn her. There may be something that keeps her from praying like peer pressure or a negative experience which lingers. Remember also that parents like us can best guide our children not by our words but by our own deeds.

Divorced Over An Affair
Forgiving your husband but not granting him full trust is not forgiving at all. Remember that when God forgave us of our sins, He also gave us back full trust. On the other hand, the trust issue may not be the real cause of your divorce. Search your heart more deeply and you would know where you stand in God's eyes...

Husband Argues With Me
You are more blessed. I had a husband who never bothered to argue with me. I believe, he does love you but there is something in his character that needs a little "repair". You could help him mend it. It just takes a little more patience from you...

Won To Christ Due To Da Vinci Code
I think we should see the film to as someone said to "get to know our enemy", only for that, nothing else. I have red the book, so I know something about subject this film is speaking about and I know some people who red the book, and believe in statements that book brings out. My question is: how to explain them the real truth? How to undone what book already done? How to present a real Christ?

Divorce Separated Spouse
George: To do what is best for me and our child would be to end this. I don't want his money. He could sign away his rights as a parent if he wanted. I just can't stand this state of limbo I am in. He just wants to visit when HE feels like it and it is confusing to our daughter.

What Is Abandonement By Spouse
Olive: I have been a loyal, respectful, loving, caring Christian wife! I believe this is about him not being "in love" with me any longer and I am not to blame for that! I was shocked when he didn't come home and when he quit his job to live with a relative!

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