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Wrong To Not Have Children
Having children is selfish. It's not for society (we already have enough kids with no families), it's not for the children (they haven't been conceived yet), so it really is for us. If anything, it is wrong to have children. Don't ever let anyone tell you its wrong to have children. Or they can tell you but you don't have to listen to it ,)

How To Stop The Liberals
Always On, that's usually what happens, but this time, I think it will something entirely different.
I'm not sure who it will be, but someone could step up from out of who knows/no where. I do think God will do a new thing. I really think a big change will come.

How To Stop The Liberals
Stop the presses.....stop the presses....stop the presses....
Always On, did you catch the debates last night? Do you think there was a winner?

Do you think it's possible that an Independent might win the elections (if we have one :-]), I do.

2008 Presidential Election
Whether this will happen or not, AlwaysOn, remains to be seen. It's very possible, and it doesn't seem that farfetched, really.
I believe some thought it realistic in 2004.
Oh by the way, do you have a bicycle? It might come in handy.

2008 Presidential Election
While our constitution contains no express provision for "emergency" or "crisis" situations, such a provision is not necessary. The U.S. Supreme Court made clear in Ex Parte Milligan, following the Civil War, that "the government, within the Constitution, has all the powers granted to it which are necessary to preserve its existence." Or as one commentator has added, "self-preservation is the first law of any nation."

2008 Presidential Election
AlwaysOn, I think you're really in the ballpark.

2008 Presidential Election
Mima, I found it interesting, albeit from an internet time traveler. I was reminded of it by your friend's prediction. Eight years ago, JT, time traveler was talking about the 2008 election. Is it not true that during a time of war, an incumbent president can go on, and elections postponed?

2008 Presidential Election
He did make some interesting predictions for our country. The one that stands out is that we all need a bicycle with spare bicycle tires/fuel shortages and the like. I have a bicycle. :-]
It could have been Bill Clinton, who knows, but it's interesting.

2008 Presidential Election
"A Second American Civil War, lasting from 2008 to 2015, will manifest itself in a violent division between the large cities/urban areas against the countryside/rural areas.
The Second American Civil War destablises all Western Civilization, both in economics and politics. This assists the escalation of global conflict.
2012, an event similar to the "parting of the Red Sea" will occur in this year, (Titor claimed he was a Christian, to whom religion was greatly significant).

2008 Presidential Election
I've heard this one other time, mima. Written by 'time traveler, John Titor' (coming back from 2036). Some think he's an intelligent/computer saavy person that wrote the 'time travel prophecies'/internet hoaxes. He did say what you're saying, Mima, back in the year 2000. You can look up his prophecies. He stuff is more accurate than the very little the prophets have said here (if anything). Some think he's a well known person writing under a pseudo name.

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