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Are Shriners Christian
The proplem is the fact that masons accept any higher power.. this is very evil deception.. jesus is the only way to the father. The masons are brainwashed and decived as we all have bewn in ways. Masons need to understand that they cant accept any other higher power other than Christ..

Finish It Here Dec+ 2016

Bare Bottom Spaking
Consider two things:
1. Had your mother right to spank you? In this case yes, because curfew is something important , you can't be late at home. (I dont know what kind of curfew it is)
2. Could she do it bare bottom?
Yes, she is a woman and you Katie also. She did it in way not to do you any sexual harm.
Your father can not spank you this wayy, but you mother can.

How To Know You Are Saved
I can't help but be somewhat amused by some of these comments here.

Christan, may I ask you a question?

I see you use John Calvin's teachings. Does that make you John Calvin or elevate you to the level of John Calvin? Be careful how you answer.

I have to say I believe there is something very wrong with your heart/spirit. I don't know that I have ever witnessed so much anger and hostility in my entire life as a Pastor.

To use Charles Spurgeon's insight is something we could all benefit from.

Spanking Young Teenagers
In exceptional cases i think it is appropriate.
I think spanking should cease to be a normal or regular punishment by the age of 13 after which it should be reserved for very serious transgressions only.

Believe Jesus Is Coming Soon
I think the question is moot because it is a total unknown and cannot be known by us ..No offense to the asker ..

Which Religion Is Right
The main difference between Catholics and Protestants: Catholics believe to put your faith in the Church and the Pope. The Church is made of mortal men and women and the pope
is a man. Protestants believe that we should put our faith in the Bible (written by
mortal men) What I don't understand is that Protestants and Catholics claim to
agree not to put your trust in mortal men.

Must My Daughter Be Baptised
You all need to take the WHOLE bible into consideration , not just one verse or two. As far as baptism is concerned it's the one ingredient that our enemy (we do have enemys) have distorted and used human logic over what God in His word actually says to keep people out of heaven(Luke 11:52 7 Matt 23:13). This faith only doctrine is new and deseptive. If you are baking a cake and leave out one ingredient what do you get? Also look into what the early church taught.

Can A Dead Pastor See Jesus
Donna, the Nigerian pastor i talked about was dead for three days, and was ready for burial. also the man that died twenty minutes ws dead with poisining -a medusa picked him with one of the most deadly poisons in the world. I do not know about you, but to me that is a true miracle.

Can Christians Drink A Beer
Alan, comming from someone living in a nation where pipewater has more taste then beer, this cannot be taken serious. (hey the irish brew better beer then the brits). now the Haggis you roastboil? in Scotland is delicious, and the kippers are marvelous but beer is no domain of the brits

Holy Spirit With Tongues
MarkV, how do you think i found out that what you propose is nothing but a lie. i use Briggs, thayers and strongs. good Greek and hebrew dictionaries who have refrained from adding doctrinal ideas. furthermore (if yiou remeber i went so far as to ask a (noncharuismatic) doctor in greek who confirmed what i allread found out... You however do not wish to walk away from your anger and grudges and claim you have nothing against.

Holy Spirit With Tongues
By the way, did you know that tongues is given NOT TO BE ABLE TO SPEAK GIBBERISH, AS YOU THINK? rather to fortify us to do the work of God. and that whilst the west is overrun by all kinds of satanic powers. Christians still think they do not need Gods power.(agains their own inteligence is shown here)

telling you the truth. if what YOU people say about the gifts, then what Pagans say must be true. we MUST serve a dead God who is totally unaware of our sufferings. Still My God uses all His tools to save mankind. that i Know despite the lies that are continually spread like venom. but then again that is exactely what the bible warned us for.

Benny Hinn And RT Kendall
"I and others have challenged this man but he keeps ignoring us." what you might do if it is you and others and this man belongs to a national network of any denomination or affiliated to other men of God in apostolic unions etc... to call the leaders of that network and to denounce him in a closed public hearing. (biblical way) however dont do it alone!! most denominations do take Pauls warning to thimoty serious, "do not accept any accusation against a leader unless on the testimony of two or three.
If he is independant then, you can denounce him in a public church meeting...the last thing you want is to go legal, nevertheless if needs be So help you God...

Wearing Pants To Church
Allan of UK i think their are at this timme two allans on the blog so my answerr was probably to allan the medieval reenactor then allan of UK the there is alsop a alln 2777 so all quite confusing. mainland gaelic are the celts that live(d)on the mainlaind.
the walen, welch in Belgium the bretons and the keltiberians like basks and the high north of spain, etc. are descendants from them. most however (exept the basks) have been romanised ansd speak french or another roman language.

Tithe Or Not To Tithe
I will, Nevertheless you well know where to find that particular scripture without me. Prove however to me that Abraham did not pay his tithes to Melchisedek. an act of faith.
Jacob did not prommise to give his tithes if God brought him back safely, (an act of dedication and submittion). Tithes as such are by NO means an act of law, it is an act of faith, submittion and dedication. all that the law of moses ever did was to regulate the manner of giving your tithes as to avoid mallpractices, and to ensure a continual service to the Lord.

My Girlfriend Isn't A Virgin
Most people give an answerr that promotes abstinence for selfish reasons. So my question is: Who did you abstain for? Your future spouse, Yourself, or God. i married as virgin, howver,my wife had a few slip-ups before she met me. I must admit that when i found out i was verry upset. nevertheless as the last blog REPENTANCE IS THE KEY. I staid virgin because of Christ and happy I did, my wife repented before she ever met me and she's happy she did. me and my wife are the best couple in the entire neighbourhood. because both donot focus upon past mistakes but on Christ and how He saved us. Remember what Jesus said to the prostitute... go, and sin NO MORE... anything beyond that (full repentance and full forgiveness) is in my mind from the devil.

War With Islam
Conequently I conclude from your blog that You believe that God MAKES some good, and some bad? i know quite a few scriptures against that idea. The potters' house is the church, not the world. the clay is brought out of the world into the church So God forms it according His desire. PS. humanist is a thing i never concider. still a true humanist wil not refuse most bible teachings on etics, loving caring etc... it is where God salvation holiness enters, that they fight us violantly. they believe everyone is his own god, and desides therfore for himself. humanists terminate someones life because that is humain... abort for humain reasons... and go so on. they dodnot accept God

Holy Spirit With Tongues
Rob, i am one of those that received a foreign tongue upon prayers. im Belgian and my native tongue is Dutch. however when i was 9 years of age, some missionaries from OM came to pressent their mission sadly only one of the ten missionaries could express in our language, the rest was anglophonian... so after prayers i started to speak English with the missionaries, mind you, that before i never learned or heard English, and that afterwards i also did not go to school to perfect this. Next to that, i also speak in an unknown tongue that neither I or others understand (i use that tongue for prayers and prophecie with translation). BOTH WAYS are biblical and should not be questioned as such.

Identifying False Teachers
Jesus was against all form of religion at his time...Oke, Here we go..Jesus went never to the Synagogue, Jesus did not go to the temple to prayJesus did not even prayed Jesus fasted neverjesus never read or explained scriptures.Jesus was not sircumcised and Jesus was deffenately not baptised in water or Spirit.all thes are expressions (forms) of religion. it is safer to say that Jesus condemned Formalism in religion. Jesus was against False religion that binds men and makes God inaccessable. However today we have become a religion of destroying good customs that kept holiness in our lives and society's for 2000 years now. a non-religious society that will bring the ANTI in this world, and he is allreafdy pressent.

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