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My Husband Is Narcissistic
I have been married to narcissistic husband for 16 yrs. My daughter is 15 and my son is 10. I have stayed w/him because I didn't want kids to come from broken home. What a joke, huh? At this point in the game, the kids would have been better off had I left when they were young. When he couldnt have broken their spirit or destroyed their self esteem. I have constantly played referee between husband and kids. My daughter cant wait to leave the house because of him. She hates his guts. If we did 100 things right in a day, but did 1 thing wrong, he will always pick out the 1 that was wrong. I am sooooooooooooo sick of him. As all of you are, I am exhausted, tired, sick, stressed, and emotionally spent. I just want PEACE.

Mother Theresa In Heaven Or Hell
We are not to judge whether or not Mother Teresa, or anyone else, is or is not in heaven. That is "krites" judging, and belongs to God alone! Let's start judging what we are supposed to judge: false teaching, false prophecy, and evil/immorality in the church! We are commanded to do that by God.

Evolution And Creationism Opposite
If a person believes in evolution, then wickedness, death, and decay happened for millions of years before Adam and Eve fell, making God, who pronounced everything He created "good," is a liar. God said He created the universe/earth/everything on the earth in 6 literal days ("morning" and "evening" used with Hebrew word "yom," qualifies "day" as a normal day).

Believe The Bible Or The Pope
We are told in Scripture over and over again that we are to obey God's Word, and not man's word. The pope is a man, and many times throughout history a very immoral, greedy man, and therefore we should not listen to him or follow him. I follow Jesus Christ alone!

Do Smokers Go To Heaven
Nowhere in the Bible is smoking mentioned. However, "excess" is mentioned (not doing things in moderation), therefore smoking can be a sin of excess, just as eating more than our body requires is the sin of gluttony. Do gluttons go to heaven? You tell me!

My Husband Won't Tithe
1. Tithing is an Old Testament practice and law, and therefore does not apply to the church.
2. God desires "cheerful givers," not hen-pecked men who are pew warmers.
3. If you are a believer, then give from your heart. Let God deal with your husband. It is a heart issue--out of your realm of responsibility or ability to change.

Pro-Choice And Still A Christian
Yes, you can be "pro-choice" and be a Christian. I am. I believe God has given us a choice whether or not to have sex, and whether or not to use conception control (not birth control). If I get pregnant, my choices end there. I now am carrying a human body, soul, and spirit, and cannot end his/her life without being guilty of murder. Adoption is always a possibility.

Husband Wants Pretty Women
Your husband is an adulterer. You should get on with life and let him get on with his adultery. He will face his Maker soon enough and have to give an answer for himself. You should follow the advice on divorce in the New Testament. Your husband is a cruel man.

Unconfessed Sin With Death
If I am "in Christ," Eph.1-2, then I will be concerned with pleasing God. It is not about me, it's about God Who chose me before the creation of the universe in love. Only God is allowed to say who will go to heaven or hades. Col. 3 talks about this--when we trusted in Christ, we were hidden with Christ in God, but we must die to the sins in our lives daily.

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