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Church Signs Cause Church Growth
I must say that I pay attention to church signs, just to see what the message is. One in particular caught my eye and I hope it caught the eye of the young people in that community, it reads: "Don't Let Jesus Catch You Riding Dirty", I feel it was a good message. To ride dirty means carring and consuming drugs;but it also can make one think of the condition of the heart. Riding Dirty is a popular rap song among the young folk, I feel the sign will be effective.

Adultery By Leaving His Church
I don't agree with the person who spoke about leaving one denomination for another is like adultry.
Especially with reference to the Catholic church.
They ( the Catholic church) never was a church of the scripture.

What Did I Do Wrong
The one thing we as females have to remember, is this to keep ourselves,pure for marriage.
That is the biggest mistake we lonely females make before marriage, and especially with a man we care a lot for. Pray and ask God for His Devine guidance in this matter ,I am sure He will direct you in the right way.

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