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My Son Just Doesn't Like Me
My oldest son doesn't like me, he often snapped back at me just for the sake of argument. I often blame my husband because we often argue in front of the children. Now that the boys are adults, they tend to side with their father. Sometimes I feel really heart-broken and want to divorce my husband, I felt that it is his fault that my children do not respect me. When my children talked back at me, he never told them off, and often it was him who went against everything I said and now the boys copied him. It's always three against one. Anything I said, they often disregard it or go against it. I feel so helpless. Sometimes I feel I would be better off bringing up my children alone, the bond with my older son has long been disconnected.

Joyce Meyer's Is A False Teacher
I see a lot of people accuse Joyce of a lot of negative things. I have listed to her. She teaches from the bible. She also gives her opinion and some of her personal background and how she has learned and been spoken too. I have learned from listening to her that you must read the bible to know the bible. I have seen where some say she is a motivational speaker, I agree she, and the more she motivates to read the bible and know the truth the better GOD BLESS Joyce Meyer

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