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Virginia Tech Mass Murders
Ed, those kids were shot in a gun free zone. No guns were allowed on campus. An outlaw will find a gun.
To leave everyone else like lambs for the slaughter is not the answer, either.
We live in a different world. We need agents on planes and more campus security.
Anyone can walk through any open school/college grounds undetected.
Yesterday, there were 7 copycat threats to schools/universities around the nation.

Virginia Tech Mass Murders
I agree with Matt Dillon, the law abiding with registered guns, hunter/gun safety courses, etc., are not out to destroy. The outlaws and why those with green cards are allowed to purchases weapons, that's what needs changing.

Virginia Tech Mass Murders
Here's the thing, Ed. When only the outlaws find guns, in the states with the toughest gun control laws on the books, you find highest crime rates.
When you outlaw guns, you will have the T. McVey's finding other means.
Leaving everyone sitting passively on the curb is not the answer.

Virginia Tech Mass Murders
Where I live, hoards of former city/east/west coast dwellers are moving in.
They can't stand the crime. What's the first thing they want when they move in, to change all the laws. They want gated communities exactly like they've left and no guns.
We say, if it worked so well, why are you moving here.

Virginia Tech Mass Murders
Thirty-two bright individuals are gone, including one Holocaust surviver.
All the roadsigns and neon lights were flashing around this mentally ill person. One professor tried to help, God Bless her.
In our PC world, no one can be censured or shut down.

Virginia Tech Mass Murders
It was a brave off-duty police officer that saved many lives not too long ago in a mall.
He had a gun, without it he would have been helpless to save countless lives.

Virginia Tech Christians
Matt Dillon, my husband agrees with you, 100%.
When guns are outlawed, only the outlaws will have guns.

We need agents on planes and we need security on campus. A licensed gun holder could have taken that shooter down, yesterday, before he murdered all those kids.
We send our kids to college not to be lambs for the slaughter.

Virginia Tech Christians
All the tuition money and not a security camera in the dorms or buildings. No outside or inside security cameras.

This is the action that should be taken, NOW.
Parents pay huge sums. We can't stick our heads in the sand and wait for another. Install security cameras. Banks have silent alarms to the police dept., these colleges need them, too. An open campus is becoming a thing of the past.

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