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Demonic Spirits Violate
A demon came to me in a dream and said that "Jesus Christ is come in the flesh." I am sure it was one in part because it had a corrupt, rotting appearance that no holy angel would ever bear. Please assume for the sake of the argument I am telling the truth and it was indeed demonic. The following argument will be long, so please bear with me. Asterisks ** will be utilized for emphasis of words.

Demonic Spirits Violate
You would have to get this idea *solely* from an extra-biblical source (like I did in my dream) or assumption (as others have assumed that 1 John 4:1-3 is *not* an absolute test for spirits). This alone, to me, makes Biblical doctrine less clear and even more questionable, if the text doesnt really mean what it seems to clearly mean (without any alternate passages to back up any clear exceptions to the rule within the Bible itself).

Marry A Much Older Woman
I was in a relationship with a lady 49 years my senior. I had asked God very specifically for the kind of woman I needed, but I never specified her age. God bought her to me and I fell in love with her madly. She was as much a woman as anyone else I had met. We were together for 6 years. It was amazing, but then came what I had feared all along.

She died 4 weeks ago, and I'm devastated. I'm 39 with my whole life in front of me without her. I always asked God to take me first, but He had other ideas.

I miss her so much, but I knew there would be a price to pay for that kind of love, and now I'm paying it.

All I ask is that you pray carefully about this decision. If its real love, you may have to make some real sacrifices.

Girlfriend Won't Give Up Smoking
Sheesh, just tell her to be more careful with her cigs so nothing like that happens again. It's her body, and if you can't accept the fact that she has every right to be a smoker that's your problem, not hers.

Tolerating Each Other In Marriage
Prayer is fine and good. I am christian. But things are getting out of hand each day. He uses my faith against me and seems to believe he can do anything to me he wants to do. He feels I will stay with him,pray and be a good little wife. While he disrespects me and pretty much dares me to challenge him. It takes a woman of steel to deal with this kind of treatment. I usually do pray and forgive him for his evil deeds.But this does not solve anything. I am tired.

Tolerating Each Other In Marriage
Still tolerating this god forsaken marriage. He makes excuses now for things he use to take for granted. Does not even try to make moves. I am not motivated to do anything.Does not want any parts of him anymore. Hating him more and more everyday.

Tolerating Each Other In Marriage
Still tolerating. No romance. No change.
Birthday in 4 days. Would love to be in the company of a man on this day. If I tell him this he will tear the house up, threaten me,cuss me. When I mention this to him,he opens the door to the house and tell the neighbors I need a man to _______ me. You get the picture.
I don't want to go to prison.

Tolerating Each Other In Marriage
Husband is not a practicing christian. But knows the Gospel of Jesus Christ and what he must do. Set in his ways but has a teachable spirit on some things so there is some help for him. He use to be the cats meow but getting older, losing confidence. No spunk etc..
I am still tolerating. Hate change. Don't want affair.

Tolerating Each Other In Marriage
Still tolerating but getting fed up everyday. Have tried to get along with this man but nothing sticks for long. Thirty- one (31) yr anniversary passed in June. Get along ok for a few days then back to the arguing and near blows. He plays the dozen and threatens me. He puts me down and cusses me and my son(30 yr old) when he is upset. We could have hurt him by now. But for the grace of God.

My Boyfriend Is An Atheist
He respects your beliefs as a Christian so you too should respect his beliefs as an athiest! I don't see him trying to change you, he accepts who you are and you should do the same. Respecting each others beliefs and not trying to convert each other will deepen your respect for one another.

Wife To Be From Satan
rooky, you shall know them by their fruit is what Jesus said. The fruit that she produces in her life. The fruit of the Spirit is: Love, peace, joy, kindness, patience, long-suffering, etc.

Here's a short story for you. I met my ex-husband in church, spirit filled, tongue talking guy, and the Lord showed him that I was to become his wife- I ran from him. THen married him and he ended up beating me up for 8 months. So was that the Lord he was hearing from? or satan whispering in his ear? You must pray and ask God for SEVERAL confirmations and watch her walk with the Lord.

My Marriage Is Failing
Are you the same Robyn who wrote this:

Kinesha,Kinesha,Kinesha.......(edited for space) You should have brought all of this up before marrying him. You have a lot to learn about relationships. Until then you will find yourself in these type pitiful unions. The question: should you divorce him for unfaithfulness? No--he should divorce you for being so blind and desperate. I'm sorry. You did it to yourself,hon. ---Robyn on 11/7/10

If you are the same Robyn, I think I may know the root of your marital problem. Either that or your angst for your own husband causes your bitterness to show up in your counsel.

Engaged To An Older Man
You are not at all wrong to marry him. Why should anyone turn their back on one they love just because they are going to die... any who do, do not love. We all have to die someday, how does anyone know if the person they marry is going to be with them a short or long time? You love him and if God is central to your relationship ... THAT is the only key you require.
God bless you and bring you both joy.

How To Get Rid Of Anger
jojo - with the greatest respect to you, the advice you have just given here is at best misleading and at worst downright harmful. I would be interested to know in what professional capacity (if any) you feel able to speak in the way that you do?

People with anger issues are more often than not expressing a much deeper reason for their anger. Instances often include neglect, bullying, self-esteem issues caused by trauma or bereavement all the way to clinical depressive episodes or biploar disorder.

How To Properly Spank My Kids
Sophia: Dickenzien parenting skills like spanking should be left in the history books beat your child once to often and risk losing them.Many children run away from home to escape violence unfortunately this is something I see on a daily basis(I am a social worker)

How To Properly Spank My Kids
Why do you need to inflict physical violence on a child? worse still use a weapon(wooden spoon paddle belt etc).Do you not think there is enough violence in the world without bringing into the home. I have five sons oldest is nineteen,youngest two and never needed to hit any them, loss of privileges or grounding or sent to bed worked just fine. Take time to explain to your children the rights and wrongs teach them humanity and understanding teach them well and avoid hitting out in frustration.

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