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Keep Committing Adultery
That is what I would like to know does God hear your prayers and do you get your blessings back that you lost???

Alcoholics Anonymous Cults
The difference between AA and Jesus is that Jesus can completely deliver you while AA DOES not! With Jesus you do not have to keep going to meetings!

How Do You Handle Temptations
How do you handle temptations?
The answer is, you can't. You are flesh, carnal born in sin and shapened in iniquity. If you think you will ever not want to sin you are making a big mistake. That's our nature. What we need is to spend less time trying to fight temptation and more time seeking God's Holy Spirit who will fight for us. Stop worrying about temptation and spend time praying. Carnal man can't fight a spiritual battle. "The weapons of our warfare are not carnal" for "we restle not against flesh and blood". If I hold my peace and let the lord fight the battle then victory shall be mine.

Can I Divorce Over Abuse
I have a friend who was severely abused by her husband both physically and mentally.She
was determined to stand on God's word and believe that he would some day repent and be
saved.After many years,he was traveling and he was involved in a traffic accident,he was
in coma for several weeks.When he came out of the coma,he asked his wife for forgiveness
and of course she did forgive him.When he came out of the hospital he repented,got baptized and recieved the baptism of the Holy Ghost.Today he is preaching the word of God and truly loves his wife and loves the Lord.Sister Yolanda is so happy that she had the patience for God to move on her husband.

Christians, Muslims, Jews God
Lawrence and Leslie,of all the comments I read here,it seems that the two of you are the ones that are correct.I agree with both of you.

Repented Before Death
Mark 16:16,Whoever believes and is Baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.Baptism is part of being saved.

Mayan Calendar End 2012
2012 we will vote obama out of office.

My Boyfriend Is An Atheist
Whoa whoa whoa people. I'm an Atheist. And I am NOT bad. I have better morals than most Christians thank you very much. Wow, a little judgemental are we? I'm pretty sure Jesus tells you not to be. But what do I know? I'm just an Atheist...But I did read some pretty nasty things. Like bad usually rubs off on good before good rubs off on bad. Why in the world is what I believe WORSE than what YOU believe? And I am not THE DARKNESS! You people scare me the way you are. There's almost nothing worse in the world, besides the KKK.

Billy Graham's Salvation Belief
Billy Graham has a greatly faulted Gospel and idea of why Jesus was born, had died and rose again. I have seen this "I heard" video of BG stating these things. A faulted Gospel is no Gospel at all. Its poison to the soul. If you want the true Gospel try to YouTube "Paul Washer + true Gospel".

Joyce Meyer's Is A False Teacher
it has nothing to do with being bossed around,

just as that wome writing does not want to obey the scripture which is God speaking,

is the same way a women feels about something her husband tells her to do,

if she does not obey God, how could she obey her husband?

But if your not born again, water baptized in the name of Jesus and reiceve the Holy GHost, then you life is vanity, you love your hate, your husband , your wife , your church, is all vanity,

Are Hindus In Heaven
I do not pretend to know everything God does, I would like to believe that they will be there. Perhaps they will, I am merely human and do not have proper understanding as God does. I do however know that through Jesus I am promised eternal life, therefore I have my ticket into heaven, I hope there is another possible road for them.

Joyce Meyer's Is A False Teacher

have you ever spoken in tongues??

he's right!!!!

1 Corinthians 15:31
I protest by your rejoicing which I have in Christ Jesus our Lord, I die daily.
(since Paul is saying i, i guess i don't have to do this either,

hey men we don't have the crusify our flesh according to the lady,PLease you better win your war!!! ) you silly!

your completely wrong and your recieve you knowlege from satan, and the lust of your eyes,

for Paul also said:1 Corinthians 11:1
Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ(you better beleive that was God speaking threw Paul!!!) the HOLY GHOST, is God, and GOD SAYS ITS unholy!!!

Joyce Meyer's Is A False Teacher
i looked at Joyce my in decerment of the HOly GHost every time is see her,and this is what i get

Matthew 24:24

24.For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders, insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

what is wrong,

wrong Bible, the Holy GHost is in the King James Bible

Clothes, as a women of God, are not proper

changing the sciputres, not understdaing the scripture
and the main,and most reason, the Fruit if the SPirit,(The SPirit is the Holy GHost) she is techining the friut to people who do not have the SPirit(the HOly GHost)!!, you do not have the Holy GHost yet you love her,,
why do you love her is the question?

Joyce Meyer's Is A False Teacher

its has nothing to do with being bossed around.

women hate to obey the scripture, of being under subjection. God even told the women to cover her head if you want to get serious about the scipture, i was beimg merciful, but God said to even cover your head.

the women have come to the point where the refuse to even listen to GOD,, GOd told the women to keep siliece,, God told the women to be and example to younger women, wearing pants in the puplit is not being a example, it foolish and Unholy!

Joyce Meyer's Is A False Teacher
there is something going on that people really do think that certain scriptures donot have to be obeyed, dangerous,!!

Saul from the Old testiment, thought he did not have to obey every word from the Lord and he got is kingdom taken away

and our kingdom is the kingdom of heaven

Jesus and Baptim and recieve the Holy GHost, friend, God BLess much love in the Lord,

the outward appearence is scripture and God was certainly talking to a women of GOd,

Joyce Meyer's Is A False Teacher
Only God knows any one can say there bought by God Blood, any one can say anything,

Spanking A 13-Year Old
America, the nation of Cascading Decadance.

Decadence leads to a Nation without a Moral Compass.

A Nation without a Moral Compass will become a reprobate people.

A reprobate mind is one controlled by evil continually.

All this starts when discipline and correction is avoided in youth.

Jesus said, Take heed to yourselves: if thy brother sin, rebuke him, and if he repent, forgive him.

GOD will not forgive you unless you repent.

Yet christians today disobey Jesus when you
forgive when there is no repentance under the falsehood of LOVE.

You sweep their sin under the rug and allow the sinner more reasons to do worst and treat him as if he were illegitimate.

You act better than GOD!

Why Start Believing Now
On Mars Hill Paul preached and illustrated to all the people that their various religions and iols were all wrong!

WOW how insensitve could Paul be?

Only one God made everything!

The god of the Christians is the God of Israel. The I AM.

All other gods are versions created in mens minds. Men control the IMAGE of their manufactured god.

And these people will hurt, kill, and destroy anyone that shows that their god is false.

False gods have a love of money, love of power, and rule with terror and not with LOVE.

Such are the Gods of all religions that do not exalt Jesus as Gods proclamation of the Way the Truth and the Life.

Can A Woman Be A Pastor
JOE, I pray that God sends a kind humble noble gentle patient merciful and powerfully annointed man to rescue your sister from YOU.

What is needed here Joe is brains!

Get into the prayer line and ask for some soon, you and your brothers ASAP. God gives freely to those that believe and do not doubt!

By this shall ALL men know you are MY disciples by the LOVE you show one to another.

Repent Joe and PUT ON LOVE!

Put on deference and show love to the weaker vessel. Be a living epistle Joe.

Honor your sister with love and protection.

One day she may have to bury you and say the last words over your body!
I hope its not Nail The Coffin SHUT!

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