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Fiance Borrowing My Money
Borrowing is not a sin not repaying back is a sin. My rule of thumb is what you have is just right for you. When you borrow its siomethng that you really need not for what you want.House is what you need -loan(borrow)question is how much- look at our level of income should work together if you overstate your financial status then greedy and coveteous are zeroing in on you. So this whole thing need financial and moral discipline.

Diabetes In Children
Inthis day and age with all different types of medicine, pills and off the shelf nutrients yes anything can eventuate.Plus the xray in the clinic and rays out in the sun and different types of food cookec in one continent and consumed in another yes we all prone to this type of diseases. The child can only be the scapegoat of what parents and grandparent were exposed before she was even conceived.Natural organic foods are simply the best. But if weare with Jesus and you have taken steps to made whole spiritually and mentally and spiritually, if you have taken first step God will take care of the rest.

Anorexia Treatment Daughter
When you pray. ask God to bring healing to the your daugther,to you and the whole family.My experience with My God (OUR GOD)is I thank him for the sickeness,(IN EVERYTHING Praise the Lord) and remind Him when He say - Seek and ye shall find, ask and shall be given and Knock and it shall be open).Remember God will always honour his words- And He said also Whatever you ask believing it shall come to past.God will assist the Doctors, lessen financial burden and give peace of Mind to you and your daughter- that is the road to recovery. God Honours those who honour Him.First healing here would be the healing of the human spirit-Seek,Knock,Ask and Believe.God will provide a Doctor who will not be a financial burden but bring healing to the family.

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