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Falsely Accused By CPS
I have contacted every newspaper and news outlet wanting to do a story on this(as it has happened to us)and NO ONE would touch it? Why? Where to go from here?

Is Tithing Mandatory Today
Yes, us as chritians suppose to tithe. God said he didn't do away with the laws of the old testament he only showed us a better way in the new testament. but tithe is mention in the new testament. because how is the administration of the church going to pay light, water, gas and so on if it don't have any funds. HOw is the preacher going to go preach around the world if he don't have tithe payers in the church. Tithe is only for to support the works of God by his preachers so more souls can be saved, because remember you need funds to do anything sucessful in this present world.

Is Surrogacy Biblical
Um, one thing:
God can use doctors to heal people, even though He could speak a word and heal them Himself. People go to mechanics to get their cars fixed, even though God, with whom nothing is impossible, could fix them. So why can't He use someone else to provide a child for a childless couple? I think to say that He wouldn't is foolish unless you have spoken with Him about it. PS. I'm a preacher's wife, not a heathen.

Unmarried Couples Serve In Church
We have all sinned and no matter what the sin we are all accountable for it. Is it ungodly to live together before you are married, NO, the sin is in the sexual immorallity that is extremely difficult to overcome, but with God, it can be accomplished. Instead of casting judgement on couples in these situations, we should pray for them and encourage them in thier relationship with the Holy Spirit. You do not know the things God does in the lives of others, but KNOW that those that live in TRUTH and admit thier situations are definately seeking solutions. Please pray and help them, not condemn them, lest you be like the Pharasees and Saducees.

Who is David Jeremiah
I don't care who pays for the man's cruises. All I care about is that he does NOT hesitate or compromise preaching the FULL GOSPEL TRUTH right out of the WORD OF GOD! Why do people focus on such things? Some of you people need to get in touch with your inner selves and if you still feel so strongly against this man, pray and ask God to really give you discernment, ask God to let you see Dr. Jeremiah like HE sees him. But no, that's just too practical isn't it? I know it's not all of you, I'm speaking generally. There needs to be more preachers like David Jeremiah and another fearless uncompromising favorite of mine, John Hagee. I thank God for all preachers who aren't afraid to preach the FULL gospel.

My Boyfriend Died
I totally understand where you are. I lost my boyfriend of 7 years on 7/24/08. I am now in sever depression and cant except he is gone. I however, have a 8 year old son. If it wasnt for him and my church i dont know how i would still be here. Still, i cant believe he is not walking this earth. I never got a chance to say goodbye ( he died in his sleep with no warning).

My Husband Does Drugs
I am very sorry for what you are going through. However, I do believe that things happen for a reason. I am going through the very same thing. I thought maybe you could help me. I have not left my husband yet, but I know that I need to. Are their children involved in your situation? We have two and they adore him, he is wonderful when he is clean.I am a mess and dont know what to do.

I Hate Christmas
Your biterness seems like there's more behind it than what you're letting on.If you think about it Christmas was never about Christ.Christ's birthday is his b-day and HE got gifts.I dnt knw about anyone else but on my b-day the whole world doesn't get themselves presents. It's a commercialized holiday that has cloaked itself in religion, family values and good intentions all for the sake of money like any other Holiday. Nothing holy about it but also nothing evil.In my house we no longer celebrate Christmas in the traditional sense but I can't deny that I miss the days where we did.The excitement of Christmas morning.I just think people get so wrapped up in gifts that they forget that it's about having a good time with the people you love.

I Have Lost Everything
You must be wondering now if giving your life to Christ was worth it and I KNOW it is.You have something far more precious than anything else in this world and that's peace of mind.You can go to sleep without dreading not waking up and you can live life without the fear of the end because you knw you'll be in Paradise.Sometimes you lose what you have because God didn't give it to you to begin with any gift from him won't be taken away.He hasn't forsaken or forgotten you.The righteous are never forsaken.You gave him your life now trust him.READ and STUDY his word, talk to him and surround yourself with other believers so they can build you up.With God on your team you can NEVER lose.You're in my prayers.

Offended By Women Pastors
Anyone who knws me knws I am a firm believer in feminism but in God there is no "us" vs "them" God didn't give it to women to be preachers and deacons. I can accept that but that doesn't mean we're rubbish ladies. We can still witness and minister. As long as you're putting the Gospel out there than your title is of no importance and that's for men and women. Not everyone is called to be head of a church but we're all chosen to spread the Gospel.

One World Church Movement
I am certain there will be a single world church since the bible says this will be so in the last days. It may look like a triump for the people who attend this church but it is anything but holy in bible standards. We need only look at many churches in todays world. Would many of them be found guilty of believing in the 10 commandments and our lord Jesus? Not many. Anyway the rapture will have taken place and it isn't our worry what is next on the plate of the wicket one..

Who Is Babylon
Babylon in the later years of this era is the USA and those who get drunk from the wealth they receive by doing business with them. The recent stock market issues are only a small dose of what can be expected in the USA and all the other countries who have invested in its success. The problem had to take place so that the EU could become forward as the USA becomes in the back ground. The US and Canada will not be players in the final scenario

What Is Word Of Faith
People who claim to have faith in GOD/ Jesus can be identified by the fruit they bare. Are they using their gift of faith to help, minister, and serve others? Are their words biblically sound and used to bring others to know the person of Jesus, the good news of salvation and the kingdom as Jesus spoke of in the New Testament and that were taught by the disciples of the holy book. The collection plate is made fuller by people who are made to believe they are saved although they have not repented of sin. When I was saved and baptised my life was changed, but not by my doing.

Job Opening At My Company
Pray for her, pray that God works with her in all aspects of life. Like some have already stated, God must have prompted you to tell her about the position. Ask God what else would he have you to do. Remember,God works in his time and in his way. Not ours!

April in TN

Ex-Husband Wants Me Back
Some people will be miserable no matter what they have. I would enjoy dating him again and enjoy his company if I were you, but move very slowly. Be very aware of any situation that he seems less than content with your company. Make sure that he will not be miserable you after a short time.

Are All Sins Equal To God
Ok, but why don't those all seem the same to us? Why do some seem alot worse to us than others? How can they all be the SAME to Him?

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