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Bush Bowing Down To Pope
"Test every spirit". That is what we are commanded to do through the Word of God.

I may not believe in the idols that the Catholics promote and bow to but I do know that this pope is NOT Pope John Paul II so I wish you all would cut him some slack.

There are a lot of differences between one who sets himself up as an idol, much like Pope John Paul did and Pope Benedict who truly believes he's doing the Lord's work, even if we know better.

Pray for him.

Olympic Torch Ceremony
These people believe strongly that is why they are protesting.

If you were quiet all the time you probably wouldn't be heard and no one would care what you stood for.

While I do not promote violence I think the louder you are the more recognition for the cause.

I do believe in the protest, just not how they are all going about it.

No one has even talked about their slave labor, how they treat their women, etc. Only the cause for Tibet.

Wearing Jeans To Church
LOL! Jesus wore a skirt had sandals with dirty feet.

I guess he wouldn't be allowed to come in either.

Is righteousness solely what you put on your body?

Let's grow up in God and realize that it has nothing to do with what you wear. Jeans, a suit and tie, who cares?

The real question is HOW IS YOUR HEART WHEN YOU GO?

Called To Witness In Bars
Jesus came to seek and to save that which is LOST.

Jesus hung out with sinners, do we think we are more righteous than He?

Ask yourself this, WHY are you going into the bar? To witness or to hang out?

If the Holy Spirit moves on you to witness Jesus with folks in a bar then my suggestion is to lay aside your pride and religious piousness and be obedient to the Lord.

King James Only Christian
To reply to Alan of the UK -

Jesus said, "I and my father are ONE". Regardless of what translation you refer to Jesus DID claim to be equal with God as being His Son. Including John 1:1 - Stating that Christ was IN THE BEGINNING with God and WAS God. So, that would make Christ the same as God. Would it not?

Remove All Non-Christians
We can only "get rid" of non-believers by evangelizing them and them coming to Christ. We are in the world but not of it. It is God's plan to see all men saved even if they don't want to be.

Now, preaching the truth to them and just hanging out with them are different for corrupt companions corrupt good habits.

God uses us in many ways to speak to non-Christians. We just need to follow the Holy Spirit.

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